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Just looking for more fabric for the quilts we are going to make together!


Concentrating really hard on sewing on the line Mom drew.




Showing off my 4 patch



Mom used the rotary cutter, but we did all of the sewing. She even let us press our pieces. She said we did a really good job of sewing nice straight seams. You should see the quilts we picked out. They are from a book called Nickel Quilts. We raided Mom’s fabric closet and picked out tons of really awesome fabric. All kinds of cool colors and neat patterns. Maybe she’ll show you some time. We drove her a little crazy while she cut out some of the fabric for us. We really like to put her sewing chairs all the way to the top and the ride around the room on them. Now that we know how to sew, maybe we can sew while she cuts the rest of our fabrics for us. She said we have to be at least 10 and maybe 12 before she lets us anywhere near the rotary cutter.

Will and Joe


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desert vs. deserted vs. dessert

A dessert island. I like that one, Shimelle and Gayle.

Particularly one that was deserted so that I could have all of the dessert to myself. But it wouldn’t have to be a desert.

I kept thinking baout the meaning of the phrase “desert island” and got to wondering if it really actually meant “deserted” in that context, and you know what: it does.

According to dictionary.com, desert can be an adjective that either relates to a desert (i.e. desert fauna) or it can mean:

Barren and uninhabited; desolate: a desert island.

So there you have it.

Our desert island is not necessarily one that is a desert, it just happens to be barren and uninhabited. You know: deserted.

I have nothing creative to share today. It’s been a pretty barren day creatively. The weather’s OK (cold) but my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone without me, apparently.

I did remember to get my haircut. Phew. It’s a lot longer than I’ve had it recently, and I’m still not sure I’m sold on it. I need to see what happens when I style it myself. I’m getting pictures taken next Wednesday, and if I can’t stand it the way it is, my stylist can fit me on Tuesday to whack it all off.

I was almost late, though. Maggie is acting goofy when we go out for potty breaks. I’m sure her tummy hurts (she got spayed yesterday…) plus she got her toenails trimmed, and she’s having trouble walking on our snowy/icy/crusted over mess of a yard. She goes to squat and then her legs slide out from under her. Enough to put a girl off of trying to do her business, I guess.

Actually, in general she is acting goofy. Very subdued. Poor thing. The funniest part was when I caught Katie trying to poke at her and get her to play. I guess maybe Katie likes her after all.

We are even more convinced that she is younger than the humane society and vet initially thought. That little stinker has gotten TALLER in the last month if you can believe it! She’s only gained 1/2 a pound (up to 10!), but her legs are definitely longer.

I was going to show off pictures of Will scrambling eggs last night (he did an awesome job!) but it turns out I took all of the pictures WITHOUT the memory card in my camera. I guess I’ll have to make him scramble some more eggs.

OK. Enough inane babbling for now.


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