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The daffodils


Mary asked if they bloomed, and yes, they sure did!  Aren’t they pretty?  I’m always a little surprised, though, that they don’t really smell all that great.

On the right you’ll notice a newspaper flower bouquet that one of the boys gave me awhile back.   I don’t get flowers very often, so I take advantage when I do.

They had been out at the farm and for some reason had been give some newspaper, which they rolled up and were using as swords.  I’m not sure what made them think of making a “flower.”

Two digital layouts to share, from the Photoshop class I’m taking:



Both pretty much done as the instructions told us to, with the elements provided.

In honor of National Quilting Day on Saturday, I got several quilts finished up (bindings mostly).  Plus, the winner of my 250th blog post contest from way back last fall will finally be getting a package, maybe today?  Tomorrow?  Keep your eyes, out Angela!

I’d better get back to work, yak at ya later!



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