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took these photos awhile back (sheesh, a month ago!) and meant to share, but just now got around to doing something with them.

click on it to view it larger.

these pics crack me up.

tomorrow:  quilt content.  promise!


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My Internet connection is Wireless, it’s pretty quick, but when I try to watch videos, oy, those can be painful sometimes.  I’ve been doing some investigating of my options this week, and found that I could switch to a faster wireless option for only $5 more per month.  From 256k to 512k.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeee………..I can definitely tell a difference, and it is totally worth the extra bucks.

I do have another option:  1.5Mbps DSL, for about the same price that I’m paying now (and only $10 more after the first year…), but that would work switching to a different company, and even though the techy geeky part of me is screaming “OMG that’s almost the speed of a T-1 line” the more practical side of me is saying “Yes, but you’d lose the awesome customer service you get from the current provider (it’s our local utility company and the guy that runs the network will come to my house whenever I need him to check on something…”

While speed counts for a lot, customer service counts, too.  So, I guess it isn’t ALL about the speed.  I’ll try this for a couple of weeks and than make a final decision.

And if your eyes glazed over at all of that, I apologize.

Speed also counts when you are sledding:


Mark and the boys went out to the farm several times in February to sled on the really humongous piles of snow that Grandpa had created whilst plowing.  It really entertained me that so many of the shots of Will had him smiling for the camera at just the right spot.  In theory, you should be able to click on the layout to view it larger.  I’m trying something different with how the photos are uploaded.

This layout was created using a template from Jen Caputo, and papers by Amanda McGee and Amanda Sok.  I really liked the really graphic look of having it on the solid white background, so I left that, rather than trying to add another paper element to the layout.

Here’s a shot of the hill of snow, so you can get some perspective.  This was taken  February 23.  Thankfully, the weather has been warm enough that a lot of our snow is gone, baby, gone.  Of course:  there is a 70% chance of snow on Thursday/Friday.  Doesn’t Mother Nature know that the calendar says Spring is supposed to start on Thursday???




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