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If you read the comments from Monday’s post, you’ll know that my Mom did in fact have the book I was looking for.

Only, she didn’t have the patterns insert.

Turns out, I had that. But once I knew that I wasn’t really looking for a book, I was looking for a pattern, I actually knew right where to go in order to find it, so now I’m ready to rock and roll on that particular project.

Of course, I have plenty of other things I could or should be doing, so…

Moving on.

The weather is absolute crap. Still. Again. Forever.

We actually saw snowflakes on Tuesday, great big globby blobs of snow mixed in with the rain. Today is just rain, I think, but oh dear goddess, make it stop. I’m so tired of cold and wet and grey and……….

Moving on.

When you are around someone every day, you don’t always notice how much they are changing. Look at these guys. There are 4 years between the “now” and “then” photos:

Now and Then

This is the week 2 layout assignment from my latest class with Jessica Sprague.  Way cool.

Well, I’d better go pretend to accomplish something.  Like laundry.  Whoopee.



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