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MQX report

Because I taught so many classes, I didn’t have a lot of time to shop.  Spent a fair amount of money at the SewBatik booth.  Bought a few of cones of thread from Superior Threads.  (And truly, by a couple, I mean a very few:  3, I think?  Plus So Fine thread cards…so I can place a bigger order here shortly once I figure out what I really need color-wise…)

Some rulers from Off the Edge Quilting Supplies — their acrylic rulers are hot pink.  Very snazzy looking.  They have some interesting shapes, and I’m looking forward to doing some experimenting.  I’m not typically a ruler girl, but sitting and watching the demos, got some wheels turning…

And that was pretty much it.  Everything else I spent my money on was food related.  Oh, and Boston Red Sox hats for the 3 boys.

I had a really nice time with a bunch of different people.  The best part about the show is getting spend time with people you only know from online.  I think it deepens the bonds.  At least, I know it does for me, I guess I can’t speak for anyone else.

I tried to visit the quilts as much as I could.  There was some really beautiful work.  As I’ve mentioned, I did not take my camera.  I believe that pictures of the winners will be posted on the MQX website sometime in the next week or so.  Their pictures will be much nicer than anything I could have taken….

I’ve spent the morning chained to my desk trying to do some paperwork and find that I’m needing to take a break to stretch…get some lunch…maybe take a nap….




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