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Do as I say

I’m forever living my motto “If you can’t be a good example, be a horrible warning”

Yesterday at lunch, we were eating leftover goulash.  Joe was examining the Parmesan cheese and asked if he could shake it up to try to break up some of the clumps.

Mark and I both made noises to the effect of sure, but make sure the lid is closed tightly.  He checked it and then started shaking it gently side to side.  Of course, this was doing nothing, so I decided to show him how to really do it.

So I grabbed the container and started shaking it up and down as hard as I can.  ( I can barely type this, I’m laughing so hard.)

The stunned silence was priceless.

The Parmesan Cheese was EVERYWHERE.  I even had it in my hair.

I tried to tell the boys that this was a good lesson for them about WHY you needed to make sure the lid was on tight.  The response was basically “Well, Mom, we didn’t learn anything other than you are certifiable.  Maybe YOU need to learn to make sure the lid is on tight.”


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