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I did not manage to go take a picture as I had intended, but I decided to just use this one I took awhile ago.  It was taken from a moving vehicle, I was the driver.  Obviously, I couldn’t spend a lot of time getting the camera straight or anything….

We spent the weekend moving my quilting machine, miscellaneous furniture, printers, etc…into my new shop!  It’s right downtown, it’s the 3rd building in from the intersection, so it’s got nice visibility from traffic driving through.

It’s weird, exciting, scary, thrilling, you name it, I’ve thought it.

In some ways I’ll be sad to be moving out of my big studio at home, but I’m looking forward to having a little more separation between business and home.  Plus, we get to use the Master Bedroom as a Master Bedroom.

There’s going to be more to it than just the longarm quilting business, but I’m still a bit reticent about saying too much about what the plans are for the time being.

It’s about 2000 square feet.  The boys have a room in the back for hanging out — it’ll have a couch, table (for drawing, homework, etc…), plus a TV and the GameCube.  Oh, and the foosball table (that is also pool, air hockey and other stuff).

We’re only a few doors away from the library, and the pool is only a couple of blocks away.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone today arranging phone and DSL service.  I think it took that long because the lady was the chattiest I’ve ever spoken to.  She was very nice, I just got a little more family history than I might have preferred.  I’m not complaining, though, as she was extremely helpful, and I happen to know that she is actually an Iowan, and not somewhere overseas.  (I’m sorry if I sound really awful when I say that, but quite frankly, I have really terrible luck with overseas call centers).

I’m still sorting out the sewing room.  Man I have a lot of crap.  I’m going to be maintaining a sewing room at home, but it will be a smaller room (and I won’t have the big walk-in closet for my stash anymore…)

So if you find I’m not hanging out in my online “homes” as much lately and in the future, you now know some of the reason why….

On that note, it’s time for me to head to bed in my small bedroom.  I wonder how many more days (weeks?) it’ll take before we can swap all the furniture at home around….



p.s.  almost forgot.  the track and field day was a partial washout.  they got the morning events in, but shortly after the kids went in for lunch, it started to sprinkle.

and then it started to pour.

they did do some of the tug of war competitions in the gym, but didn’t do all of the running events.

they compete in each event against the other boys in their class, and get to choose 2 events out of several options.

joe got 1st in the softball throw in his class, will got 2nd (he was beat by a kid that threw it 103 feet.  his throw, and joe’s were about 85 feet).

joe got 2nd in the one lap run (once around the football field, about 1/5 of a mile I think?) and will got 2nd in the 50 yard dash.
i’m sure you were dying to know all of those results.   and now, i’m really going to bed.


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