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I may have previously mentioned that becasue the longarm got moved out, we decided to move our bed into the master bedroom.  What a concept.

This meant that my sewing room here at home has to move.  And I may have mentioned that I have a lot of crap supplies.  In trying to figure out how to cram it all into the smaller bedroom, I’ve been contemplating shelving options and having to get rid of some of it.

Until one of they boys hit upon a solution that neither Mark nor I had considered.   Hadn’t even dawned on us, and we can’t think of a reason NOT to.

The boys are going to move THEIR bedroom into our old bedroom, and I get to have THEIR old bedroom as my new sewing room.

This is a good solution for many reasons:  (a) the closet in their room is bigger (b) there is a lot more built-in storage and (c) it gets them downstairs into a cooler room, and a quieter room.  They hate being directly underneath our steel roof when it rains.  I admit that it can be pretty loud up there, so this will make them happy.

We do need to paint before we move their bed.  Currently, the room is a dusky purple on 3 walls, with a dusky pink on the 4th wall.  I asked them what color they might want.  The reply?  Black on the 3 walls, and red on the 4th.

Yeah right.

We’ll come up with a solution tomorrow (i.e. Mom’s vote counts for more than boys’ votes do…) and get that done so we can get them moved, thus allowing me to move the rest of my sewing stuff out of our bedroom.

Speaking of which!  We get to sleep in there tonight.  I’ll let you know if the room sleeps as well as our old one did.

Apologies for the decided lack of quilting content around here lately.  Most of today was spent dodging downpours as we ran around Waterloo doing some shopping.  I’m goign to try to sew tomorrow, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Please keep Iowa in your thoughts.  Many places are suffering severe flooding, lots of road closures.  I was telling Mark tonight that even though I hated the snow, it didn’t seem quite as scary as the current weather situation.  We’ve had tornado warnings in our county several days running.  And the forecast for the coming week is full of more rain.

We might need an ark soon.



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