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Just got a copy of the magazine “Quilt It:  More Two-Block Quilts” — from the editor’s of Quilter’s Newsletter.  The quilt, Stormy Skies, designed and made by Carolyn Beam was quilted with a Meandering Magic variation!  The thing about Meandering Magic, is that it is an allover technique, and this particular quilt is fairly busy:  so unfortunately you can’t see the quilting very well in the photograph.

It’s awfully cool to be mentioned!  I feel like I ought to pinch myself…

(Apparently this special issue so new, it’s not on the QNM.com website yet.  Keep an eye out for it, though!  Looks like some fun patterns!)

I actually did spend a short time at my sewing machine earlier.  Sewed some parts together for my blue and white quilt. Nothing exciting enough to share, though.

I’m not really sure what else I did today.  I’ve been busy, but…doing what?  It’s all lost in a bit of a Benadryl haze.  I’ve been using Flonase (a nasal inhaler) and it is awesome — hardly any sneezing!!  Woohoo!!  But my eyes have still been itchy, so I thought I’d see if a bit of Benadryl would help.  Not so much.  I could feel when it hit me, I really want to just go curl up in bed!

All for now.


p.s.  We bought paint.  Some walls are going to be red, some are going to be yellow.  Can’t wait.


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