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Working hard or hardly working

In amongst everything else, I still have this book I’m trying to finish.

I still have a lot to do.

Today was the first day of registration for an online class that one of the MQResource members is going to be teaching “at” the MQR website.  Color and Design for the Art Quilter.  I’ve seen the first lesson (and pictures of Jean’s work).  I think it is definitely going to be a great class.  I’m still working on the first class I want to teach.  It’s, um, based on that book I need to finish writing….sheesh.

The boys keep asking me “Can we paint our room this morning?”  or “Can we paint the room tonight?”

As if all we have to do is whip open the paint cans and start painting.  I should at least see if Mark can get the spackling done tonight, and I think we need to go visit the hardware store (again) for some blue tape so we can tape the woodwork.  Such fun.

Back to work.  Must get back to work.



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