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Some things take awhile

But are totally worth it (according to Joe).

As evidence.

The ingredients:

The process:

Unfortunately, the photographs of them eating their s’mores didn’t turn out, too dark.

Remarkably, Mark had never actually had a s’more.  And the boys had had them at a friend’s house, but without chocolate.  And the marshmallows were microwaved.  So they’d never really had them.

We tried to sing campfire songs, but I couldn’t remember any words, and the boys really hate it when I sing.  I don’t know why.  I don’t like to brag, but I have a really good voice.  They are weird.

And speaking of weird, I’m including this photo just because it totally cracks me up.

Mark got a camera for father’s day, and so of course, it was necessary to make crazy faces.

Other things worth waiting for?  The yarn sales rep coming tomorrow.  She was supposed to be here on Monday, but the highway was closed.

Bedtime here at the ranch, I’ll yak at y’all later.



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