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Time to reveal…

A few more details.  I think it’s probably time to come clean.  Especially because I now have a logo, and that makes it feel all the more real:

isn't my logo cool?

As some of you have probably guessed, I’m not just moving my longarm quilting business into the shop that I’ve shown pictures of over the past weeks: I’m also going to be opening the doors as a retail store.  We’ll have yarn and fabric, and the assorted tools that go with those things.  I’m starting very small (although every time I talk to a sales rep, my dream gets bigger, but I keep having to remind myself of the goal.  and the budget).  Everything will be online right from the start, too, and thankfully I have my sister to help with that.

So far I’ve got fabric from Marshall Dry Goods (all closeout stuff, so the price will be LOW) plus some yarn.  And more yarn arriving on Thursday.  I still need to make a decision about kntting needles, and to order some notions.  The fact that I’m going to be gone on vacation for part of July makes everything seem even crazier, but it’ll all work out.  I figure I have to start somewhere, and if what I’m doing when the doors open doesn’t work:  I’ll readjust.

One thing on my list?  Buy a bunch of nuts and bolts at the hardware store, so I can have them in a jar on the counter for the smart-alecks that come in asking for them.

Anita asked about the shelving, and what we used to make it.  It’s plastic shelving from Lowe’s that is supposed to be 4-tiers of shelves.  We bought 5 sets and then Mark cut the tubes that make up the supports to a specific length (to make the shelves the right height for bolts of fabric).   He staggered the shelves so that each shelf is used to help keep another row of bolts from falling over.

My mom gets credit for the name of the shop.  Isn’t it clever?

Now you probably understand why there is a lack of quilting content, or just a plain lack of content, period.

OK, back to work.


p.s. before anyone asks, i’m planning on being open somewhere around the 1st of august.  i don’t know if the website will be ready then, but the doors need to be open in time for our town’s summer festival…


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He’s got my number

Scene: Bedtime

Mom: Joe, come give me a kiss.


Joe walks away…and wipes his mouth off.

Mom: You could at least wait to do that until I can’t see you.

Joe: I do that because I know it annoys you.

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