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New shoes!

photo is from zappos.com

A week or so ago, when we were at the mall, I decided to look a bit to see if I could find some sandals to wear when we go to Florida.

My criteria were:  my size (11, ugh), comfortable (low-heeled, heel strap, some sort of support), inexpensive.  OH, and maybe a teensy bit stylish.  Tall order.  Mostly, I couldn’t find my size.  At the sporting goods store I saw the Keen sandals, but couldn’t wrap my brain about $90.

But then I got some birthday money, and decided that’s how I was going to spend my gift.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I’m in love with these sandals.

I’ve had them on all day and I’m already contemplating which style I want next.  They’ve got clogs and Mary Janes and sneakers and boots and….

Mark tried on a pair, but he’s got these l-o-o-o-o-ong, narrow feet, and they were way too wide for him.  Bummer.


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