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Paper or plastic?

Some of you probably remember the search for a way to reduce the quantity of plastic bags in our home.  (I’m happy to report that we do a really good job of taking the reusable bags with us on our big shopping trips, we don’t always remember when we are just running into a store for something small, but we’re working on it).

Getting ready to open the shop, I have been faced with teh paper vs. plastic debate from the other side.  There wasn’t really a debate, I knew I’d get paper, but my sister had to endure several whiny conversations about how much more expensive paper was than plastic, at least for the nice Kraft bags with handles vs. the plastic t-shirt bags (20 cents per bag vs. 4 cents per bag).  I wound up with some much more inexpensive paper merchandise bags, a little flimsier, but I think they’ll do the trick.

Having those arrive today was kind of exciting.  It seems like every day (as we get into the home stretch) something new happens that makes it feel even more real.

And what could be more exciting than boxes of paper shopping bags???

How about a box full of knitting needles!


Better eat, then have to get back to work!  I think my sister-in-law is going to come down and help me for awhile.   Pricing and hanging knitting needles and crochet hooks ought to keep her busy, don’t you think?




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I just reread both of the posts I wrote today, and apparently today’s keyword was Awesome. Not sure why *that* particular word snuck out of me twice, but…it did.  I’ll try to use my thesaurus tomorrow.

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A Sign!

Here’s your warning:  the next few days I’ll probably bore you to death with progress pictures from the shop.

The tiles underneath that beige paint are black and white.  We are scraping the paint off the white ones, painting the black ones red, and the trim in between them will get painted blue.

And by “WE” I mean Mark and the boys.  You know, the Royal We.

Look at my sign!!!! It is the most awesome thing, ever.   I wanted to wait until I actually saw the sign before I bragged about the company that did it.  It’s actually Signs by Tomorrow, and zowee, wowee, they really lived up to their name!   If you recall from yesterday, I called in the morning and it was actually done by the end of the day.


Still need to figure out how to hang it from the pole, but between Mark and my landlords, I’m sure they will have it figured out in no time.

(Those squares are in process, Mark went back and did the edges, the boys did all of the paint you see there.  He also worked on continuing to scrape.  Such fun…)

Here’s another little project Mark’s been working on for me — some cool stands!  He needs to get more dowels so he can make some more for me!

I’m at a point with some stuff where I look at it and wonder “Should I put this here?  Or over there?  Or maybe….in this spot?”

I have a suspicion that that will be ongoing forever….

I hope to get my order of needles tomorrow (knitting needles, that is…) and am trying to clean up some last things with the website so that I can get that open.  My sister and I both did test transactions today and that worked….so…almost ready!

Only a few million more details to go!

Better get back to it.  Either that or go to bed early.  It’s a toss up…


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Go get a perm?

I have nothing better to do, so I spent 2 hours in the hairdressers chair yesterday afternoon getting a perm.  I love it, although, it looks (and feels)  a bit like I slept on it and need to wash it.  Tomorrow afternoon — have to wait until tomorrow.

I love how it turned out, and it’s going to be so much nicer looking (with hardly any effort) than the straight hair was.  It’s crazy that it’s long enough to perm, though.  And not poodle tight curls, either.  Nice wavey bouncy curls that are just right.  Awesome.

Oh!  Guess who called this morning?

Yup, that would be sign company number 1.
You snooze you lose, buddy.

Gotta go, the boys have started a new club, and want to give me tour of club HQ.


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But gee, looks like I still need to spend some quality time hanging things up on my pegboard.

That quilt is my Blooming Nine Patch (B9P) from this past spring.  Did I ever tell you that the judges thought I needed to work on my fabric choice in order to have the fabrics flow together better?  Or something like that.  Judges comments are so subjective.  In terms of a strictly by the book B9P, yes there probably is too much contrast between my fabrics.  But you know waht?  I don’t care.  Love the quilt, love how it turned out, love my fabric choices.  SO there.

Tonight, I have two vastly different customer service experiences to report on:

Sign company number 1

Visited store to talk about what I want, take pictures of front, blah blah blah, work on the artwork, get an estimate and get back to me.  It’ll be 2 weeks or so to actually get the sign done once everything’s approved and we have a permit.

Off on vacation, checking e-mail occasionally, thinking I’ll hear something, plus I have my cell phone.  Nothing.  For several weeks.

Finally, I e-mailed last week asking for an update.  Days later, “Artwork is done, it’s with the estimator.”

Haven’t heard anything since, don’t have time to babysit and ask every other day what’s going on.

Sign Company Number 2

E-mail them on Thursday.  They respond asking for more information on Sunday (and apologies that they hadn’t gotten back to me sooner, they are short-handed with summer vacations).  Send them logo and exactly what I want on the sign.

Monday, get an e-mail with artwork to approve, which is perfect, exactly what I want.

Tuesday morning, call to place order.  Phone call later to check on the color of the red in the logo.

Tuesday late afternoon get call that sign can be picked up on Wednesday, and by the way, we think it needs a third grommet in the center is it OK if we add it?

I haven’t actually SEEN the sign yet, but unless they are completely incompetent, it ought to be awesome.

I’m debating about whether to call/e-mail the first guy back and tell him he blew it, or to just wait until he finally gets back to me with is estimate.  I have a suspicion that my little sign wasn’t “big” enough for him.   I may wait, just to see how long it does take him.  And then I’ll have the last laugh.

Sheesh, how’d it get to be midnight?  I’d better head for bed.



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So, I have this habit of losing my cell phone.  Not so much losing, really, just setting-down-in-a-safe-place-which-I-can’t-remember-5-minutes-later.

I’ve been trying really really hard for the last 2 months not to lose it, and have done fairly well, actually.  Making sure I’m wearing something with pockets seems to help.

On those occasions when I can’t seem to find it, I do the logical thing:  I pick up the house phone, and dial my cell number.  When I can hear it ring, I hang up and head for the ringing pile.  I always hang up before my voice mail picks up, and then don’t think any more about it.

Well, we got a phone bill the other day.  Mark was examining it and informed me that every time I call my phone in order to find it:  the phone company was charging us 18 cents.

So there you have it:  the price of forgetfulness is 18 cents a pop.

And the amount of grief I’ll have to endure from Mark every time I lose my phone in the future?  I don’t even want to think about it.

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My Guitar Heroes

They take turns.

They’ve decided that they’d really like to learn how to play an actual guitar, so they’ve pulled out our acoustic guitar (which, unfortunately, is quite cheap and doesn’t work all that great).  They’ve decided to teach themselves, since Mom won’t spring for guitar lessons in Waterloo (a half hour drive one way).

They know how to read music (at least the basics, thanks to their short piano lesson stint) and they can read and follow directions, so, Why not!  At least to get started.  If they actually figure it out, Mom and Dad might be willing to splurge on a nicer instrument.

Heck, if they both like it well enough, and keep at it, I might even be convinced to buy them their OWN guitars.

And just so this blog doesn’t descend purely into family related stuff:  here’s a tiny bit of fiber content.

It doesn’t go very fast when you only do a needle’s worth at a time.  It’ll hopefully turn out to be a baby hat, to go with the jacket I made when we were on vacation.

I’ve also been doing some sewing of samples, I hope to post about those soon, just not ready for primetime yet.

Make note of the notebooks piled in front of my keyboard.  I’ve lost track of how many notebooks I have around that have notes and lists and STUFF in them.  I’m like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I tell ya.

I’m not helped by the confusion caused by delivery people.  The FedEx delivery person made a mistake and nicely apologized for it, but it’s meant I’ve been waiting for days longer than I should have for something. Gah.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I should have ordered said item sooner.

Anyway.  Back to work.  Or first, maybe, some lunch.  Then work.


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