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After my comment about needing t-shirts for my staff for opening weekend, I received a couple of suggestions that aprons would be better than t-shirts.  Theoretically, yes.  However.  When your staff consists of yourself, your mother, your husband and this guy and his brother:

A t-shirt is probably a better idea.

I might have gotten the word staff a little big….

After my post the other night, I got buys on CafePress and ordered these shirts.  I think they turned out pretty well.  They didn’t get the order 100% right (I wanted two women’s ladies v-necks in 2 different sizes, plus 1 XL men’s and the 2 smalls, I got 2 men’s XL, my ladies v-neck and the boys shirts.  thankfully, the extra XL will still work).

Making progress.  Got a few more things via UPS and FedEx today.  Some more notions and patterns.  Some more fabric:

(11 bolts of stuff from the Empress Woo collection by Robyn Pandolph, plus that one stray dogwood with the red background).  Nearly all of the fabric I’ve got in stock is closeouts, that I’ll be selling for $4.99/yard.  I’ve got some yummy stuff.  Some interesting stuff, too.  LOL

Every time I place an order wtih Checker I think “This will do it for now.”  And then 10 minutes later I think of something else I was planning on ordering that I forgot.  Oh well.  For now:  we’re done.  What’s here is what is here and so what if I never remembered to order any pins.

Back to work.

Have a great Tuesday.



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