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There will always be something else to order or look at or do….and I accept this.  However, at least one of the things I forgot to order is pretty funny.  Read on.

I mentioned the other day that I never remembered to order any pins.  I’m confident that no one is going to walk in and say “OMG, She doesn’t have pins.  I am never shopping here again.”

Well, if they do say that, I probably don’t need and or want them as a customer.


Last night.

Mark asked me “Do you have any thread to sell?”
OMG!!!!   THREAD!!!  My dear beloved Internet friends, I forgot to order THREAD!!!!!

I was going to order some Masterpiece thread directly from Superior Threads…and…I forgot.

Here’s hoping no one walks in and says “OMG, She doesn’t have any thread.  I am never shopping here again.”

I’ll just tell everybody it’s on order.  Don’t give away my secret, OK?


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