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We survived

Today was kind of slow, but we weren’t sure what to expect with the festival going on.  Turns out, not many really came our direction.  That’s OK, we had a good day yesterday, and I know there were lots of people that were just busy (working in booths) that couldn’t come, but will in the future.

The biggest excitement of the day was the parade.  Mom took some pictures and posted them on her blog:

Knots & Bolts on Parade

The car is my sister-in-laws.  We talked her children into carrying the sign, my boys rode in the car.  The kids were going to switch, but Lucy decided she could handle walking the whole way.

I’m wiped out.  I’ll share some pics of the shop on opening day tomorrow.  Unless I sleep all day, and then I’ll share them on Monday.

Plus, I have to share pictures of my Knitting Olympics entry.  I cast on a new projct while watching teh opening ceremonies last night.  Going to try to finish before the end of the closing ceremonies.

Yeah, I know.  I’m nuts.  But it’s a good kind of nuts.


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