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Knitting Olympics

I’m not doing this “officially” because I didn’t manage to get signed up at Ravelry, nor did I even decided to actually do it until late in the afternoon on the 8th, but nonetheless:  my “Knitting Olympics” event.  The idea?  I cast it on during the Opening Ceremonies, and I’m going to try to bind it off before the end of the Closing Ceremonies.

I took the picture outside because the sky looked weird, so I grabbed my knitting in order to get the knitting picture and a sky picture:

Turns out that was a big ole’ rainstorm.  Soaking rainstorm —  more than an inch of rain.   Sent the festival-goers scurrying for their cars.  APparently the policemen that had been patrolling the festival had been getting weather updates and had warned everyone that big rain was coming, so I don’t think people got too wet.

Back to the knitting project:

It’s a new felted bag, pattern is by Noni designs.

I’m making the middle size bag (shown in red), but in the colorway of the big bag.  The base is done, plus the first stripe of the bag body.  I figured out this moring that I have to knit about  1 and a quarter stripes everyday in order to get the bag done.  I want to eventually make a flower, too, but I’m not even going to try for that.

Wish me luck!  LOL

I posted a whole gob of pictures of the shop on the shop blog so you can take a virtual tour if you are interested in seeing what it looked like over the weekend.  I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to sell to you here on this blog, as this is supposed to be more of my personal adventures in quilting and other fiber activities.  For that reason, I’ll try to limit what I say about the shop, and keep updates over on the shop blog.

Take a virtual tour of Knots & Bolts

Thanks for all of your support and best wishes.  I thought I was going to take today off, but couldn’t do it copmletely — today’s the day that MQX teacher proposals are due.  This afternoon, though, we are headed to a baseball game.  I wonder if I can get some knitting done while I’m there….



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