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I have just discovered that I am wearing black underwear with white shorts.  Yes, I’ve been wearing this combination all day long, but it just occurred to me the last time I visited the little girl’s room just what it was I was wearing.  Sheesh.  Some people.    Talk about What Not To Wear.  Thankfully, the shorts are opaque enough that it isn’t too obvious, and I wasn’t seen by TOO many people.

And the second one?  Looking in the mirror this morning I discovered that my glasses are WAY wonky.  Like, embarrassingly so.  I’ve been futzing with them all day long to try to get them straight on my face, which means they are missing my right ear, but of course they don’t stay like that.

Such a lovely look.

Hopefully I can get them adjusted tomorrow.

I need to task someone with checking me over and making sure I’m dressed and accessorized such that I’m not an embarassment when I go out in public.


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Three hours of baseball (plus an hour waiting for baseball), 1 hour in the car, plus an hour of Olympic watching and I have:

One stripe was already done, I added four more stripes plus part of another.

SO really, since I needed to only get 1.25 done per day, I can now take a break for a couple of days, right?

On the way up to the baseball game, Mark told me he wants me to show him how to knit, so he can have something to do while he tries to stay awake watching TV at night.  He wants to make a hat.  If I can teach him, and stay married, I bet I could teach anybody to knit.

Have a great Monday!


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