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The simple meander is often maligned by quilters, many of whom are longarm quilters and get tired of quilting it on their customers quilts.

Sometimes, though, it’s just the ticket, especially when your customer wants something super-quick and simple, just something that holds it all together:

(customer = myself.  quilt = shop sample, pattern = ellen’s favorite lap quilt in the book laps from fats)

This coming weekend is the Traer Cruise, if anybody has a classic car they want to bring to town, I’m sure you could join the crowd.

I pulled out the blue and white double Irish Chain I mentioned yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had more of it done than I remembered.  In fact, nearly all of the 169 blocks are made, and I had even started sewing some of them in rows!

As a refresher, those blue squares finish at 1 inch.  I worked on a little bit of sewing last night, but had to bring all of the pieces to the shop today — I had brought my iron and ironing board down here and had no way to press them!  I need to get a second ironing board, but I keep forgetting, or haven’t had enough room in the vehicle.

Got a call from Mark a bit ago, we are out of milk AND bread, so I HAVE to remember to stop at the grocery store on the way home.  I need to work on some menu planning, and getting more use out of our crockpot.  I actually put some chicken and rice in the crockpost on Tuesday.  Tonight, they had to fend for themselves.

I’m trying to think of a snappy way to end this, but nothing is coming to me.  I guess I’ll just quit.



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