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Getting rid of scraps

Did you see Vicki’s comment about donating my scraps to someone who might use them for something like QOVs or other charity projects?

I’m sad to say that my immediate first reaction was…(in a really whiny voice)

But, but, but….I might need those scraps some day.

You know, for when they stop making new fabric.


I’m trying to work my way through that sewing room a little bit at a time, and the next time I’m up there this week, I’ll be eyeing the scraps and other piles of fabric a little differently.


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Wow.  Have you guys read through any of the comments to see what yummy stuff people are bringing to my party?  It’s probably a good thing that it is all virtual, becasue I think we’d all be in trouble otherwise!

And this morning I flashed on all of those TV shows and movies where the teenager’s parents are out of town and the teenager invites a “few” of her friends — pretty soon the house is full of people she doesn’t know and shortly after that the cops arrive….

It doesn’t appear that anything is broken (yet) and no one has called the cops, so I think we’re good to keep inviting people to the party.  Even though I don’t know some of you, I’m sure glad you have joined in!

Remember, you have until Monday morning to join the party (by commenting on the previous post), and I’ll be handing out the presents (two $25 gift certificates to my new shop) shortly after I close comments.

In other completely unrelated news:  I need an intervention.  Or something.  My scrap bins have reached epic proportion and I need help.  I know that when I’m cutting for a project, I should be doing something about the leftovers right away (cutting them down to usable sizes, sorting things out by size and shape…), but I never seem to do that.  Instead, I dump everything into a bin.  Many bins, now, unfortunately.  I’ve seen and read and thought about all of the scrap organizing systems and schools of thought.  All of them come down to one thing:  you have to actually DO IT.  And not just think about doing it.

I’ve decided that what I really need is for a girlfriend (or 5) to come to my house and help me sort it all out.  It would be a lot more fun if I didn’t have to do it myself, and maybe I could pawn off gift some of the various goodies in there to one or more of those friends.

I was going to take a picture and make this post more interesting, but SOMEONE left the memory card at the shop again.  Sheesh.  I really ought to get a 2nd memory card.  You know, so I could misplace both of them at the same time.

So if anyone wants to come, let me know.  I’ll make some more pink lemonade (or whatever else you like to drink, although we’d have to be careful if you want red wine, wouldn’t want you spilling on my stash) and I’ll definitely make more cookies.


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