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Wowee zowee

Two things, quickly:

One, you guys are awesome!  My 600 blog post party is HUGE!  Thanks for coming, and thanks for inviting your friends.  You still have until tomorrow at Noon Central Time to join in if you want to win one of the gift certificates!  Just go comment on this post!

One problem, though, now there are all of these new blogs I need to go check out.  When am I supposed to do that??? LOL

Two, did you know that it is Ragweed season here in Iowa?  You wouldn’t know it by me!  I am so so so excited this year — I’ve been using Flonase (Or is it Nasocort?) and Wow.  Virtually no sneezing.  Considering the fact that Ragweed is the one thing that I am the most allergic too — this is…unprecendented.

OK, three things — we went grocery shoppnig last night and I was worried that I’d miss the swimming finals last night.  Shouldn’t have worried, and was so glad we got to watch.  If you are the other teams in that pool, are you trying your darndest to beat Team USA, or are you secretly hopeful that Team USA wins so that Phelps can make history with 8 gold medals?

Did anyone else, though, wish that they had shown some other sport instead of the 15 minutes of men swimming back and forth and back and forth in the 1500M finals?  Hello?  That part is really boring!  Just show us the finish!!

That really is all for now.  We’re off to a family picnic.



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