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Weekend in Review

Mamma Mia — twice (awesome!)

Swing Vote — once (pretty good)

Pool — twice (last gasp of summer, no lifeguards, the boys and their cousins basically had the pool to themselves)

Benadryl — once (resulting in a sleepy fog Saturday…I couldn’t concentrate on anything, thus the trip to the pool.  Why I didn’t try to find the Claritin or the Zyrtec, I do not know)

Now back to the daily grind.  GOod thing I like my daily grind.

I’d just better avoid the Benadryl if I’m going to stay awake.

More later –


p.s.  Yes, I really did go to a movie theater 3 different times this weekend.  That, my friends, is one of the joys of living rural Iowa — Dollar Movie Theaters.


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