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With the sheer quantity of knitting I’ve done, I should have a single sock done, but since the idea is to have a PAIR, I decided that before I could finish the first, I needed to get the second one underway.  They seem to be turning out pretty nicely, and I’m looking forward to wearing them.

I think I might put these on temporary hold, though, as I’m feeling the need to try making a pair of really simple fingerless mittens.

It’s not REALLY cold, but it has turned just cool enough that I’m already feeling it in my fingers.  I thought I’d try fingerless mittens this year to see if that helps my poor circulatory-challenged digits.  I’m thinking I could even set a new fashion trend.

Or not.

I have self-diagnosed myself with Raynaud’s phenomenon (definition from webmd.com:)

During an attack of Raynaud’s, the small blood vessels (capillaries) that supply blood to the skin become narrow, limiting blood flow to the hands and feet or, less commonly, the nose or ears. This often causes fingers or toes to feel cold and numb and then turn white. As blood flow returns and the fingers warm, they may turn blue, then red, and begin to throb and become painful.

I think it’s pretty common, but mostly unreported and undiagnosed.  We keep our house pretty cool in the winter, and even though I wear lots of clothes, my poor fingers are uncovered.  I notice it especially when I’m using the mouse.  And I’m not smart enough to just stop using my mouse/keyboard, so, I’m going to try the fingerless mitts to at least keep my hand a little warmer.

I’m pretty sure I can’t type with mittens on.  And I can’t wear gloves (my fingers have to be together in order to have a fighting chance of being warm enough.

I wonder what color I should make my fingerless mittens.


Nah.  That would be too obvious.


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Yesterday, I checked the school lunch calendar, curious about how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’d be making this week.

You can imagine my shock when I discover that the boys didn’t have school today, as it was a professional development day for the teachers.

They were less than thrilled about the prospect of spending the entire day with me at the shop, and while I love them to pieces, I wasn’t all that thrilled about it either.  The shop is OK for short stints, but they can only play so much GameCube, and read so many books before they drive us all a bit stir-crazy.


We tried an experiment.  I went to the shop.  They stayed here.

We seem to have survived the experiment unscathed.  The house was still standing, the dog was still alive and there was no blood, puke or broken bones.  They actually made their own lunches (PBJ, of course) and as far as we can tell, didn’t spend the entire day playing Wii.

I talked to them about a dozen times.  I called every hour or so, and they called me once or twice with questions.  Daddy called them as well.

They did tell me that they don’t know how to make PBJ sandwiches properly.  They didn’t get enough peanut butter, and Will couldn’t figure out how to spread the jelly all the way around the bread.  Clearly, they haven’t made enough PBJ sandwiches yet.

I think they looked older to me when I saw them.  I know I felt a little bit older.

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Did you know?

DId you know that if you accidentally leave a plastic can of frozen apple juice concentrate in your reusable shopping bags, eventually it will start to ferment, and then after that it will explode and start dripping?

This afternoon, I wondered why the back hallway smelled liked apples.

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You wouldn’t know it by my blogging, but I have actually been quilting recently.  I’m almost done with this flying geese quilt that my Mother-in-Law made.  I thought I was closer to being done, but then I remembered that I actually have to quilt the geese themselves, yet.

I finished a really big Blooming Nine Patch last week, I guess I need to take a picture of it yet.

Today, I had two separate people in the shop who are brand-new longarm quilters, so i got to talk shop quite a bit this morning.  Of course that meant that I didn’t actually do any quilting.  It’s funny, it’s dead quiet in here all week long and whamm-o — everybody shows up on Thursday.  What’s up with that?

Perhaps I should remember that next week and make better use of my time Monday-Wednesday.

I also had a sales guy in here wanting to sell me a fancy plastic No Smoking sign (for $15), apparently I’m supposed to display one in accordance with the new Iowa Smokefree Air Act.  Really?  Me?  Here?

When I e-mailed Mark he responded

Do you also need a “No Killing” and a “No Stealing” sign too?  How about a “No Unnecessary Signs” sign?

I found the signs online, that I can download print and laminate myself.  I’d hate to get with a $100 fine for not having the sign.

Because you know that lots of people are going to try to smoke in my shop.


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Blogroll, again

OK, it’s gone from my sidebar because I didn’t like how long it made the page, especially with this new theme and the fact that comments displayed below the end of the sidebar.

So, I realized (duh) an easy way to cut and paste it into a page, the link is up at there at the top of the blog, right underneath the photo and title — the whole list is there for you to peruse and link from at your leisure.



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Spirit Week

This weekend is Homecoming — and last week I was asked if I would like to have a student group paint my windows.  Sure (as long as they come back and clean it up!!)

Unfortunately, it rained last night, so the paintings are looking kinda yuck right now.  I don’t know if they’ll repair, remove or just leave them as is.  They’ll be back on Sunday to clean, no matter what.

One of the cool things about our school is that they do a really good job of getting the younger kids involved in spirit week activities, too, inviting them to dress up on the dress-up days, and they all get to go to the pep rallies before the big games.  Sometimes, I wonder if the younger kids ahve more fun than the big kids with some of this….

Monday was Roll Out of Bed Day.  Joe literally rolled out of bed and wore his jammies, Will had worn something else (with long sleeves and pants) and changed into a different set of jammies before heading off to school.

I tried to do a photo shoot when they got to the shop.

I snapped enough pictures, that I did actually get some NICE looks in addition to the awesome funny faces.

They are going to be such heartbreakers.

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Cool mail

I have not participated in the postcard exchanges at MQResource since last fall.  I want to, I just can’t justify it…so you can imagine my surprise when I got home last night and found this beauty on my kitchen counter!!

Thanks, AnnMarie!  It’s lovely!

I need to bring my postcard collection down to the shop, I bet visitors would enjoy looking through them.

In the further chronicles of Suzanne’s Mac experience, I have to mention that I stuck this postcard on my scanner bed, scanned it, and the computer was smart enough to automagically crop out the white parts of the scanner bed.

On top of that, installation of the printer/scanner was truly plug and play.  I plugged it in and…did nothing else.  It just…worked.  I know it won’t always be sunshine and roses, but wow.  I am impressed so far.

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