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january 2, 2009

Another in-motion picture — that’s OK, she was busy today!  It’s inventory time, and since the boys went skiing, I was lucky enough to have Lucy has a helper for a couple of hours this morning.  She worked on counting yarn, I was messing around with the fabric.  I’m trying to figure out why I have MORE of a couple of things than the inventory sheet says I should have.  I expected to have LESS, but MORE?  Wonder what I screwed up…

I’ve still got a lot of counting yet to do, but I have to admit to not working very hard at it, I’m “technically” on vacation…

This morning I finished up the quilt top, it’s a project that my sister asked me to make.  She’ll be giving it away to a friend’s mother.  If she can bear to give it away.

If *I* can bear to let her have it to be given away.  I have PLENTY(!!) of quilts in my home, but I keep falling in love with the new ones I make.

I’ll show you the picture of the quilt here, but if you want to know more about the quilt, you’ll have to go visit my other blog.

daisy quilt top

I hope you are having a lovely day, I’m going to go park myself in a chair for a bit with a book, and then I’m going to take myself to the movies (Australia), and then I’m going to sit around waiting for my intrepid skiers to return home.  No phone calls, which I take as a positive thing.




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finally found what I was looking for, though not in the place i was expecting it.  i had seen this photo frame on a blog sometime in the last…month or so…which meant it was really easy to find.


finally found it on the website of the digital scrapbooking site where i could actually buy the set of frames (and it was pure dumb luck that i actually ended up there).

yes, i was going to go to bed, but i just really wanted to find these frames.

i don’t “do” new year’s resolutions, but i’m going to try this daily photo thing again.

we’ll see how it goes.

(the photo is actually quite terrible, but i still like it.  i never figured out why will never got dressed today.  or why joe doesn’t have socks on.  all 3 (the third kid is their cousin ben) have basketballs, but you can’t even see the blur that is joe’s ball…they were doing a silly Disco Dribbling thing, which is why Joe is pointing — dribble with one hand, point with the other, then switch hands (sort of a staying alive disco move…))

and now, i am truly going to go to bed.  when i get lazy and don’t bother capitalizing, it usually means it’s time to quit.


p.s.  you are welcome for the ear worm in the post title. that’s something else i’m going to try to continue into the new year, the whole song title and/or lyrics as post titles.  i wonder how many people i’ll be able to annoy with them.

tomorrow’s daily photo might actually be one taken by mark, as he is going to take all 3 boys skiing tomorrow…we should probably ask his sister for a letter stating that he has permission to seek medical assistance for her son…just in case…

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OK, so we didn’t go to Grandmother’s house, but I did go away — did you miss me?

I missed all of you, and I’m back now, and Wow!  It’s 2009!  How did that happen?

When last I posted, I was lamenting the fact that the boys weren’t going to get to go skiing.  Well, turns out they did go skiing that day and had a marvelous time.  And then Suzanne tried not to have a cow because they drove home in the dark and in the snow, and took about an hour longer than they should have.

Mark’s 25 year old ski boot cracked and he said he thought about calling me and saying “Guess what got broken?”

I told him that if he HAD made that phone call with that kind of question right off the bat, I might have had to kill him.

Our little mini-vacation took us norht (yes, it was colder there, but…we were inside so it was OK).  We went to the Mall of America, shopped on the way up on Monday, spent Tuesday at the amusement park in the mall, then came home on Wednesday.  We actually had a nice time (and I scored some pretty good stuff on SALE).

Joe discovered how much he really loves roller coasters, and Will discovered that one of the roller coasters wasn’t that bad and that it was really fun to make MOM go on it and sit across from her and watch her face (and listen to her scream).  It’s kind of a weird coaster — you sit in a 4 person car that spins as it is hurtling along the track.  No big dips, no loops (I do NOT do upside down…), and so Will thought it was OK.

One of the highlights of my day was meeting up with Mary for lunch.  I had met her in person before, and when I knew we were going to make the trip, I e-mailed and asked her if she was available.  I actually thought I was going to go downtown to meet her, but then our plans ended up changing, and she was willing to take the light rail out to the mall to meet me.  It worked out nicely and we had a great time.  She MADE me buy some stuff at the bead store.  I didn’t even know there WAS a bead store.



It’s too dark in here to get very good pictures, but I think you can see how (a) adorable the penguin beads are (they stand about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch tall) and (b) how pretty the glass beads are.  I might try to take better pictures tomorrow in the light.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with them, probably just look at them for awhile.

I was going to babble about some other stuff tonight, but then I got sidetracked looking for something in my browsing history and…it’s now midnight and I really ought to be in bed so…

I’ll babble more tomorrow!


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