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For the millionth time my memory card and my camera are in two separate locations.  And it has just dawned on me that the pictures that I THOUGHT I was taking earlier actually went off to la-la land because the memory card probably wasn’t in the camera at that point either.  Duh.

I’m going to blame it on my newest head injury.  NEver mind the fact that the head injury was this evening adn all of the camera nonsense occurred earlier in the day.

I opened the microwave door, bent down to get out a potholder and then stood back up — in the meantime the microwave door and actually swung back partway and naturally my head connected with it.  Almost instantly I could feel the muscles in my neck seize up, so I just stood there and cried for a minute.  I might have said some bad words out loud, first.

Which is all by way of explaining why I’m going to just go crawl in bed and not come out again until April.  Because it is FREAKING cold here in Iowa, and in bed I don’t think I can hurt myself.

Unless I fall out.



p.s. My Mom.  She is dredging up even MORE pictures from the past.  One of her holding me when I was about a year old, and then one of Mark and me the first Christmas we knew each other.  Look at the glasses!  What we were thinking!


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