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Last Saturday, several businesses in town had live window displays.  Somehow, I managed to talk my mother into sitting in the window and knitting for two hours.

The clothing store had a bride and groom, the museum had a soldier in uniform, another place had a family decorating a Christmas tree.

Guess who’s picture made the front page of Traer’s paper today?  Yup, you guessed it — my mama!

You can blame the terrible title on the cold I’m suffering.



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Cutie pies

My blogging break started as a lack of inspiration for a day or two and then it turned into..something else.  I’ve actually been thinking about the blog quit a bit, and reevaluating my blog philosophy/strategy.  I haven’t come to any conclusions, but decided to go ahead and start posting on the 1st of December, as it is time, once again, for the Journal Your Christmas project.  (You can see all of my posts about last year’s Christmas Journal HERE).  I don’t actually have today’s activity done yet, because I’m still contemplating that, too.  I don’t have the time to spend on it that I did last year, so I need to make it simpler.  I still want to do it, though, so that will be forthcoming.

Right now, I just wanted to share 2 pictures that will explain part of why I’ve been quiet the last week:



My sister and her family have been here for the past week (and are leaving today, boo-hoo).  Hannah is now 10 months old and just as sweet as can be.  She is teething, and is very attached to her Mommy.  She has finally warmed up to being held and played with by someone other than Mommy or Daddy, and of course she has to go home now.

Colin is THREE.  And boy is he THREE.  He’s pretty sweet, too, but I think the photo gives you an idea of his currently personality.  Busy.  Silly.  (That’s his “CHEESE” face).  Funny.  Constantly in motion. Hopefully he didn’t pick up too many bad habits (or words) from my monsters.  (They were wearing shorts because they were headed to basketball shortly after this picture.  I don’t know what’s up with Joe’s smile.  Or Will’s face.  Sheesh).

I’m partly posting these pictures because of the THREE people that have said something about the lack of blogging, one of them is the other grandma of these two munchkins, so, here you go Judy!  Thanks for asking about me!

(The other two that mentioned my absence were my sister and mother).

So, back later with today’s Christmas Journal entry.

Have a great Monday.


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Phone call

My sister called me, it was pure luck that I even heard my cell phone ring.

We start chatting and all of a sudden I hear this odd shrieking in my ear.  I can’t make out the words.

Turns out she was celebrating with her son who had managed to pee in the potty.

For the rest of the conversation, I kept hearing his squeaky voice in the background “I went pee-pee” and she’d have to respond of course, cheering him on.  Getting him a sticker for his chart.

It was pretty funny.

Especially funny as a Mom who is WAY over potty training, thank heavens.

I’m such a horrible sister sometimes.  She called me one day to tell me about the horrible awful no-good day she’d been having with her almost 3 year old son and 6 month old daughter and I all could do was laugh right out loud.

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I love babies.  Especially when they belong to other people.  I spent Sunday afternoon at my cousin’s house, she and her sister both have little boys who are around 18 months old.  Totally cute.  At that age where they don’t really want to have anything to do with big people that they don’t know, but they were fun to watch.

I’m going to get to spend a few days with my sister’s kids in a couple of months, they are buying a house, and I’m going to fly out for the weekend to help corral children so that Mom and Dad can concentrate on moving.  Mark says he’ll watch the shop for me as long as no one expects him to answer any questions.  My nephew is getting closer and closer to 3 years old.  He’s such a cutie pie and a smarty pants.  His 6 month old sister is sweet, sweet, sweet.

My brother and his wife are getting ready for the arrival of their 3rd bundle of joy.  Their older kids are 8 and 6.  They are pretty cute, too, but 8 and 6 year old cute is different than toddler or baby cute.

I was reminded today that I probably ought to be thinking about a baby quilt, and remembered that a request had been put in for something blue/green, think:  Earth from space:

I’m thinking these pieces ought to do.  I’m going to do a Disappearing Nine Patch (I did one last summer for one of my cousin’s babies.  Should be fast, and the greens and blues should all blend together nicely.  I used fat 8ths and cut the strips at 4 inches, so the blocks will be a bit bigger than last time.

Time for a Knitting Olympics update!  Not only am I going to be finished before the Closing Ceremonies, I’m thinking I’m going to set a World Record.  I’m only 3.5 rows away from being finished with all of the knitting.  Crazy, isn’t it?  Part of why I’m done sooner than expected is that I ran out of black yarn.  I’m using larger needles than what the pattern calls for, so I think that’s the explanation.  I can only make 14 rows instead of 16.

I’m not worried, it’s plenty big:

Gargantuan, even.

I’ve also got the knitting done for a flower:

Though, I do have to sew it up.  The way I cropped the pictures makes the flower look as big as the bag, but really, it’s not.

Can’t wait to felt them both and see how they turn out!!!

Tomorrow, I’ll have a machine quilting job to show off.  It’s a Buggy Barn Coneflower Crazies quilt, I’m really pleased with how it is turning out.

Small funny:  my first customers of the day came in carrying a pair of football pants, wanting to know if I did any hemming.

Hem?  You want me to hem?  Now, I’m not one to turn away money, but…I know my area of expertise and it does NOT include hemming pants for anyone, including my own family members, let alone strangers.  I pointed them across the street to the clothing store.

I hope you all had a great Monday.

See you tomorrow,


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In reverse order:

Today: Third grade field trip to visit several museums in Waterloo/Cedar Falls. Actually? A pretty good day. Kids were fairly well behaved, bus wasn’t as noisy as it could have been (although, Will made me sit with him in the back seat which was terribly bumpy…glad I’d had plenty of bathroom opportunities!) and the stuff we visited was interesting and well done.

Yesterday: We are currently doing some research and brainstorming about possibly expanding my quilting business, which includes looking at commercial space in town. Not sure exactly what shape that might all take, but it’s kind of exciting to contemplate.

Sunday: Worked on taxes (ugh) and visited some friends (yea!).

Saturday: Visited my Grandma in the hospital. She is back to her nursing home now, but was quite sick last week.

Friday: Finally finished one (of my 4) triptych pieces (I received 8 by 10 photographs from 4 MQResource members to interpret in quilt form) (yes, a triptych is 3, I’m in 2 groups, ultimately I’ll have 6 pieces…) (yes, I’m two months late).

Gayle’s Photo:

Gayle's triptych photo inspiration

Gayle’s Quilt:

Gayle's triptych quilt

It’s not quite that garish in real life. I had to use the flash to take the picture, and it really is more muted than that.
In between? I actually dragged out a hand appliqué project that’s been languishing in a box for awhile:
Applique blocks

This is from the Piece O Cake Designs Appliqué Sampler book. The tulip wreath has been done for awhile, the blue flowers needed 6 petals plus 3 gold centers done, and voila! I’m ready to start the next block. Only trouble? I can’t find the book! It’s not on my shelves, and I’m not really sure where else to look, as I’ve fairly recently gone through and put away all of the books that I could find. Hey! I wonder if Mom has it? LOL It was a thought, anyway.

And last, but not least, I’ve been messing around with a new blogging experiment, and I think I’m ready to invite you over to take a look:


My inspiration has come from several sources, I’ve seen more than a few bloggers talking about their goal of trying to work on a quilt project every day, even if it’s just for a short amount of time, plus I got to thinking about the word “everyday” and what that means to me in regards to the kinds of quilts I make.

Anyway, as I said: it’s an experiment. I don’t know that I’ll actually post Every. Single. Day. — but I’m going to be working on a brand-new hand appliqué project every day — but I’m limiting myself to 15 minutes (which is harder than it sounds!) I’m still just using a default template, but I want to mess around with making the site all purdy, too.

So, I’ll hope you’ll go visit and I hope you’ll consider bookmarking it or adding it to your Google Reader or Bloglines and maybe you’ll take the challenge to Quilt Everyday, too!



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I don’t remember why, but at supper Monday night we were talking about nicknames.   For some reason, the boys have been dubbed “Mojo” and “Peeps.”  I think they picked those themselves, but supposedly that is what their friends are calling them at school.


I needed to call my Mom and ask her when she was going to be over, and feeling silly I said “Mojo and Peeps want to know when you are going to be here.”

She wanted to know what her nickname was, so of course, we had to brainstorm a bit before  she arrived.

It was pretty unanimous:  “Socks” is her new nickname.  I offer as evidence, the newest pair that I am lucky enough to be wearing.  I didn’t even know she was making these for me.  Cool colors, cool patterning.  And!  They are made out of corn.  The fiber is a corn/nylon blend.


The reason Mom was coming over Monday was so that Mark and I could go to the movie downtown, which was Jumper.  We are glad we only had to spend $1 per ticket to see it, as it wasn’t worth much more than that.  Mark gave up and fell asleep.  I felt compelled to watch the whole thing and am just glad it was a short movie.

All for now,


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The Anniversary Couple


My brother pointed out in the comments to my last post that there is another reason why today is special.


Could it be…his anniversary?

David, Stefanie and their kids were here for Christmas, but I seem to have only 1 picture of the happy couple together. Most of the rest of the pictures I took during their visit are of the 4 cousins.


Let’s see, this must be 9 years?  (I know this because I was pregnant when we made the trip to Lake Tahoe for the wedding.  Mark got to go skiing, I got to lounge around our hotel room cross-stitching and reading.  Not gambling.  LOL)

Congratulations, David and Stefanie.  I hope this year is a fantastic one for you and your family!

Hugs and kisses from the Earleys!

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