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Went out to the farm last night.

The grass was so gloriously green.  The field on the left had just been cultivated so it was a nice deep brown.    It likely got planted today.  Mark is out farming today and said it was mostly dry.  They’ve been pretty antsy to get into the field.  I think my mother-in-law is the one that is the most relieved, I’m sure my father-in-law was starting to drive her a bit nuts.

Over on the right, at the top of the picture, just beyond that dark lump (which is a pile of old fence posts:  that’s where the Bunny Tree can be found.  Well, tree(s) plural.  Where the bunnies live.  And where our family pets go to eternally chase the bunnies under the bunny trees.  For those that don’t know, my puppy Maggie unexpectedly passed away in March, she had only been with us for 2 months.

It has been so wet, we haven’t been able to take Maggie out to the bunny tree.  Unfortunately, my in-law’s 15 year old rat terrier Jake died over the weekend, which meant that it was time to put Maggie to rest as well.

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening.  We took Katie with us, it was her first trip to the farm (we hadn’t taken her before because Jake is very territorial and he would not have liked her one single bit).  The boys got to run the excavator a bit, Mark is much more patient than I would be with that sort of thing.

That thing takes a lot of concentration to remember which lever to push in which direction in order to make the contraption do exactly what you want it to do (and where you want it do it!)

After the burial, they played in the mud some more and Katie and I wandered around the farm a bit so she could sniff out all of the new smells.

And so that I could take some pictures of interesting things.  Actually, I put my camera away before I saw some of the really interesting old farm stuff, I’ll have to go out again with a camera, the pile of old clay tiles was pretty cool, and would make for interesting art quilt inspiration.

This old cultivator was pretty neat:

At least I think it’s an old cultivator.  I probably should have checked with Mark before I started talking about farming equipment.

Katie and I are waiting for the boys to get home (they stayed at my sister-in-laws after school) and for Mark to get driven out of the field by rain.  We don’t really need anymore rain right now, but it’s coming, it’s just a question of when, exactly, it’ll hit.

Thank you to all of you that provided hugs and support when we lost Maggie.  I still really miss her, but at least she is now chasing the bunnies with Jake, Toby, Sarah, and Elmo.



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I’ve not been posting, because I haven’t had the heart to do so.

My poor sweet puppy Maggie passed away last Friday morning.

I spent most of the weekend in a daze, at least in part because the vets could not explain why.  It didn’t make sense.  We do now have an answer, and there’s nothing they could have done, nor could they have known this would happen.  I still don’t have all of the details straight, but it was related to her thymus gland.


I will miss that funny little underbite and those bright shiny eyes.  She wasn’t here for very long, but she sure made a huge impact on us.  I’m trying to remind myself that at least the 2 months she had with us were about the happiest I think a little dog could have had.

And now, I must stop because I’ll start bawling again if I don’t think about something else.

Back soon,


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Leap day

February can’t go away soon enough for me. I have high hopes for March.

School was delayed 2 hours this morning, but that was it. We are over 20 days of no school/early out/delayed start due to weather. Crazy.

Sun is shining today: but it is windy, which means that there is probably some drifting going on.

It’s easier to be cheerful about the weather when it is sunny. This morning the dogs were laying in the sun by the door again and this time, I actually decided to get down on the floor and enjoy some of the sunny warmth with them.  Felt good.  I should do that more often.

The scenery outside my windows is actually quite beautiful to look at today.  Look at the color of the sky.  This is taken out my back windows, which face west.


With the sun shining, there is a fair amount of melting happening on my roof (and on the roads, too, I hope).  I need to go check the basement again, to make sure there isn’t any water down there today.  I can hear the water running in the gutters, so I don’t think it should be a problem.

Mark e-mailed and asked if there were any drips in the basement.  I couldn’t help myself.  I told him no:  because he wasn’t down there.

So far today I’ve made good progress on continuing to get my bookkeeping updated, plus some more sewing on my Blooming Nine Patch.  Not much to show, because it doesn’t look like much, but look who was helping me earlier:


My sewing table is right next to the couch.  She is half on the couch, half on the sewing table in this picture.    At one point she was standing up on the arm of the couch and getting her nose close to the fabric coming out of the machine.  I’ve sewn through my finger, I would have hated to catch her nose!

Right now, Maggie is curled up in lap asleep.  She’s not going to like me very much when I move here in a minute or two.  It’s time for a break from the computer, though.

Mom and I are going to see the movie 27 Dresses tonight.  I told her I’d go as long as she was willing to watch the boys tomorrow night so that Mark and I can go out on a date.  She didn’t think it was a completely even trade, but she had forgotten WHY we wanted to go on a date.

Sunday is our 12th anniversary!  I’m wishing we were taking a trip and going somewhere warm….

I do know that I’m going to insist that we do NOT do any shopping, or at least not any grocery shopping on our date….

OK, time for a computer break.  Hope are you having a fabulous Friday!


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My assistants were helping me while I was trying to take some photographs.

They were fighting over this bone.


I showed a little bit of this quilting the other day, you got a glimpse of how close I had come to running out of thread.

I’m only showing the back, because the front is busy enough that the quilting is really hard to see in a photograph.


Don’t look too closely.  My backtracking isn’t all that great.


This was my second try at a freehand design on this particular quilt, and I wasn’t 100% happy with the choice, but when I realized that I might have preferred something different (namely:  something less dense…), I was really too far along to actually undo the stitching I had already done.


It’s done, now, and that’s what counts.  Well, done quilting, it does still need a binding.

This is a terrible picture, and I apologize  for that.  The pieces are just slapped up on my design wall and it’s not really bright enough for a good picture in there.


For better for for worse, this is what the Blooming Nine Patch is looking like.  The rainbow stripe is from my shopping excursion over the weekend, and the two inner fabrics are out of my stash.  I wish I’d had more of either one of those:  if I had, I would have put things in a different order.

The Nine patches are all made, the plain pieces are all cut:  now to sew it all together into rows.  The original pattern calls for 8 fabrics, I’m only using 7.  I’m not sure how  wide I’ll make the bug border, I just pinned the yardage up on the design wall to give an idea of what it will look like.

My Wednesday piano students are here, gotta run!


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At least the sun is shining

The dogs have found the best spot in the house, don’t you think?


For those of you counting along at home, that would make 10 9 days this school year. They were only at school for 2 hours yesterday, but I’m pretty sure they get to count that as a full day.

(Edited later.  I thought it was 10 days, but my sister-in-law, the school board members, says it is only 9.  We were going to make up a day last week, but it snowed.  That means it didn’t really count for anything since we weren’t supposed to have school that day anyway.)

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A lap full of help


She’s actually small enough that she fits underneath the desktop, on my lap.  I’m sitting in the chair with my legs crossed in order to support her comfortably.  Her comfort.  Not mine.  I’m reminded that while I’m still pretty young, I’m not as young and flexible as I used to be.  I think my foot has actually gone to sleep.

But who could resist that face??  Not I.  That’s for sure.

Suzanne and Maggie

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Too dark for pictures

I should have known that it was really too dark for taking pictures.

What do you think Maggie?


Yeah, I thought so too. So I can only share one for now.


I’ll take some more in the morning when there is actual daylight.

The quilt has been washed but not blocked, which is why the binding looks a little ripply. It’s my cousin’s wedding quilt, and if it hadn’t snowed and blown this weekend, she would have gotten it. As it is, she’ll have to wait until this weekend.

My heart is breaking tonight for my online friend Gina. Gina is on vacation in Hawaii and is trying to get home, her son was killed in a car accident last night, and her other son was in the car and is in the ICU.


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