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I got nuthin’

Well, not anything related to the theme of “home” at any rate.

Actually, I don’t have much of anything at all.  My poor sewing machine hasn’t been turned on in…days….more than a week?  Way too long.  I’m not sure tomorrow’s outlook is that great for sewing either.  (In case you feel too sorry for me, I *have* used my quilting machine, working on a customer quilt. Unfortunately, I’m at a standstill on it, waiting until I can get some frogging done.  Here’s a lesson I have to keep learning, over and over again:  if you don’t think it looks good, don’t keep doing it.  It’s not going to look any better if you have more of it stitched. It’s just going to take longer to unstitch).

Luckily, there isn’t TOO much unstitching to do.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of cleaning and straightening to do around here.

Dear Goddess, I have a lot of crap supplies.  And I have no idea how I’m going to fit all of it into my new, smaller sewing room.  Purging some of it is definitely required.

Oh, there you go, for the theme of “home” — some of my crap supplies will be finding a new HOME in the near future.  Maybe one of you will want some of my crap treasures.  I’ll post a few things in the next day or 4 that need new homes.




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I tried to take a picture of something exciting to share, but discovered that my memory card was still in the computer here at home.  So much for that idea.  Tomorrow, though, promise.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s the last day of school!  We are hoping for no rain, as the kids would sure like to be able to have their Track and Field Day.

Thanks for the ideas about my afghan issue.  For now, it is stuck back in the bin, to be dealt with another day.    I’ve got a pile of stuff on my plate (more about that tomorrow when I can take that blasted picture…).

I got an e-mail that this month’s theme for Nablopomo is “HOME” — I’m pretty sure I’m not going to manage a post every day, but I thought I’d try to have some home-themed posts.

I thought I’d start by telling you that my home is about 45 minutes away from Parkersburg, the city that was hit by an EF-5 tornado last Sunday.    Over 200 homes were destroyed, and I think the number of people that lost their lives is 7.

I can’t even imagine. Can you?  Can you even fathom having your home just ripped to shreds? And your belongings strewn who knows where?  One of my husband’s coworkers lives east of Parkersburg, and his home was destroyed as well.  Mark and some other men that he works with went up on Saturday to help pick up debris from the ditch, yard and fields surrounding this home.  Some of the stories he shared about the things he had seen or heard about were just amazing.  The wife had been at work and had left her wedding ring in her jewelry box.  The box was gone, but they found her ring embedded in a wall.  Their John Deere tractor was found a half mile away.  It still worked.  Their car was in the ditch and the kids’ 4-wheelers were out there somewhere, too.  One worked, the other was mangled.

They still haven’t found his snowmobile.  Or the enclosed trailer it was in.

I think the communities affected have actually been overwhelmed by volunteers and donations.  The REd Cross has said it has the money it needs to cover its costs, but they’d love it if people continued to make donations to the general Disaster Recovery fund.  The donations of goods has been pretty overwhelming, too.

Makes me think of the song at the beginning of the musical, The Music Man:

Oh, there’s nothing halfway
About the Iowa way to treat you,
When we treat you
Which we may not do at all.
There’s an Iowa kind of special
Chip-on-the-shoulder attitude.
We’ve never been without.
That we recall.
We can be cold
As our falling thermometers in December
If you ask about our weather in July.
And we’re so by God stubborn
We can stand touchin’ noses
For a week at a time
And never see eye-to-eye.
But we’ll give you our shirt
And a back to go with it
If your crops should happen to die.

I know I fuss and moan a lot about the weather (which has been absolutely freakin’ gorgeous this weekend, by the way….), but for the most part, I’m pretty proud to call Iowa my home.

Until next winter.  Then I’ll probably be talking about moving south again.

And now, I must get to work cleaning up my Home.  I’d say that some of it looks like a tornado hit it, but I think, in all honesty, that would be disrespectful.  Especially after I’ve seen the pictures of what homes hit by tornadoes actually look like.

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend wherever you call home, I’ll yak at you tomorrow.


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Not much to see here.  Should have saved the post about the boys’ newest projects for today in case I came up dry.  Aren’t they cute?  I wish I had thought of starting something one of those days when they were home.  We worked some more tonight, actually started sewing on the blocks.  It’s slow going and Joe got a little frustrated.  I think he thought it was going to go much more quickly.  He doesn’t want to quit, though, so we’ll just take it in small chunks.

I don’t think I’ve managed an actual list for the last few days.

How about this one:

Tech Toys I’m dreaming about

1.  A new lens for my camera.


2.  A 24 inch monitor.  My 19 inch just doesn’t seem big enough.  And that’s funny to me because I remember when a 15 inch monitor was a huge improvement over the 14 incher.


3.  A wide format printer.


A girl can dream, can’t she?

Speaking of dreaming, it’s only 9:30 PM, and I haven’t done anything of special significance today, but I’m wiped out.

Off to la-la-land.


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Only two steps on this list, should be easy, right?

1.  Write down the correct date and time of events

2. Check the calendar each day for events

Yeah, easy if you aren’t calendar challenged.  I don’t know why I have such a problem with calendar usage.  It’s quite embarassing, really.  I seem to think that I can rely on  my memory, which is just plain stupid.  Or I write things down and then forget to actually look at the calendar.

Or, I write things down WRONG.  I made an appointment for a haircut.  While I was on the phone, I wrote the date and time down.  And somehow, when I wrote it down on the piece of paper that I posted on my wall so that I wouldn’t forget the date and time:  I got the time wrong.  Thankfully, my hairdresser had to call and reschedule.  If she hadn’t, I would have shown up at 9 this morning and been an hour early.  And I won’t even admit how many times I’ve actually missed haircut appointments simply because I never managed to write the appointment down on my calendar.  Good grief.

My new appointment is on Thursday at 1.  I wrote it down and repeated it to her, so hopefully I’ve got it right this time.

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I thought about going for the long, whiny version, but I think I’ll go for the minimalist version.  You can fill in the whining on your own.  Also, throw in some bad words for the full effect.

1.  It’s Monday.

2.  It snowed over night.

3.  It is really windy.

4.  Mark shoveled but the driveway drifted closed again.

5.  The road is probably completely plugged as well.

6.  School is closed.

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This guy — list #2

Let me tell you about this guy:


This guy is 37 years old, but some days he’ll tell you he is 16.  Or 10.  On Saturday he was 16, but that’s only because that’s how old he had to be in order to ride his 4 wheeler.  Around the house.  Over and over.

This guy is very smart (like scary smart), but he’s also got a lot of common sense.  Thank goodness, because someone around here has to.

This guy is quiet and shy, but you have to watch out for the quiet, shy ones, because they are always thinking.

This guy is extremely funny, but in a dry low-key kind of way.  Like, I said:  you have to watch out for the quiet ones.  You never know what they are going to say when they say it.

This guy is a kid magnet.   At big parties, he is more likely to be hanging with the younger crowd than he is with the people his own age.

This guy has been married to me for 12 years today.  He deserves an award for that, I think.

Happy Anniversary, dear.  Love you.

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I’ve been tagged by a number of people to do the 7 random/weird things meme that makes it way around every so often.  I have resisted doing it, because I’m not really sure what else to say that I don’t already talk about here.  Some of my best brainstorming happens when I’m avoiding climbing out of bed, though, and this morning was no different, so let’s see how this turns out:

1.   I have to have something to read when I’m eating breakfast.

2.   I’ll even resort to re-reading something if I’m really desperate.

3.  I read so quickly, and so many books, that I sometimes don’t remember if I’ve read a book or not.  The other day I was at the library and found a book by an author (Katie Fforde) that I didn’t think I had read.  Well, it turns out I had, but I couldn’t remember exactly what happened, so I went ahead and finished reading it just to refresh my memory. Luckily, it was worth the reread, although I won’t make it a habit of rereading her books.

4.  I do have a couple of authors that I reread, and will continue to reread for a very long time.  Lois McMaster Bujold, most notably.  I get something different from her writing every time I read.  And there are some passages that I will reread several times in one go.

5.  I also rewatch favorite movies and TV shows on DVD.  I’ve been through Stargate SG-1 twice now, I’m on my third go at Battlestar Galactica, and there are various others that I’ve watched and rewatched.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve rewatched The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I should probably go through and add links to those shows and stuff, but I’m just not in the mood.  Sorry.

6.  When I say “watch” I really mean “listen” and sort of watch.  Because no, I don’t sit around and just watch TV all the time.  I have a TV in my studio and a set of wireless headphones.  I love my wireless headphones.  I love them so much that they are falling apart — the plastic coating on the ear part is peeling off.   They were a gift from my husband several years ago.

7.  I think he likes that I use them because it gives him the opportunity to sneak up on me and scare the crap out of me when he starts talking and I don’t realize he is there.

My list is marked List number 1, because I’m going to try to make March the month of lists thanks to the theme at NaBloPoMo. You remember in November when I posted every day for a month?  Well, they are sort of doing this all year long now, with themes each month.  I thought it mght be fun to try this theme, so we’ll see how that goes.  Or not.

If you haven’t been tagged, and want to do the random/weird thing tag, be my guest.  Pretty much everyone I know has already been tagged….

Later gators –


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