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I think that might be the new name for my blog.  “Adventures of Easily Distracted Girl.”

You should have seen me yesterday.  My one goal was to clear a spot in my sewing room, for my sewing machine.  It’s only been 8 months since we moved most of my sewing stuff out of hte master bedroom and upstairs.  It’s probably about time I was actually SEWING in that room. (instead of dragging things down to the master bedroom, where the sewing machine was still located.)

But first, I needed to put some laundry away.

Plus, I needed to help Mark with his haircut (he does most of it, I clean up the back of his neck).

Plus, he mentioned something about looking at new cars, so I had to go look up some things about the car we were talking about.

At some point, I managed to return to my room to re-discover the pile of clothing on the floor (that I was going hang up) and take care of it.

And eventually the rest of the sewing stuff that was piling up on the MBR floor got moved upstairs.

But first, I had to have Mark help me readjust the table.  When I got my Bernina (4 years ago?) I got a sewing table with it, that the machine sits down in, so that it is flush with the table-top.  Only, the shelf the Bernina sits on needed to be adjusted so that it was actually…flush…instead of sticking up about a 1/4 of an inch.

I’ve been cursing that out for 4 years, and of course it only took him about 20 minutes to fix.  Why do I let stuff slide like that????

So.  Here’s why I needed to spend time clearing a space:

january 23

Here’s a (blurry) picture looking at that room from the other direction:


I’ve just been piling and setting and stashing and pulling things out (and not putting away…).

The closet (in the top picture) has shelves on either side that you can’t see. Those are full of fabric. I still don’t know where everything’s going to go, but I did make a lot of progress today. Though, it doesn’t look like it, because the room is even more crowded now that the sewing machine table has been moved in.


Trust me. It’s better.

The hard part was the uncovering of things that I wanted to work on. This one just needs borders, that one just needs another block, this one needs to be started from scratch. I did not allow myself to be distracted, though, which was painful. Because as soon as I start working on something, I’ll just quit the organizing and go back to the mess-making.

But first, I need to do about a million other things.


Easily Distracted Girl


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I got caught up in a quilt yesterday, and didn’t spend much time at the computer.  The fact that my two helpers were here using the computer kept me away as well.  I’m not sure how much snow we got, but it was a fair amount, followed by that nasty, nasty wind. School was out early, and then delayed today.

And I’ve heard that another storm is on its way tonight.  Yippee.

The ice crystals above are on the front windows of the shop.  Isn’t it pretty?   I don’t know if that’ll be today’s photo or not, but I imagine I’ll be doing some weather related photos this winter.

So what it is with the daily photos?  And is she going to get through the whole year?

Two years ago, I tried, and only made it through day 50.  I don’t even recollect why I quit.  I’m not harboring any delusions that just because I’ve managed to get 12 days in this year, I’m magically going to make it through all 365, but I will say that I have different attitude about it this year.

I realized that EVERY DAY I get out of bed.  I brush my teeth and take a shower and eat breakfast and check my e-mail and do a whole bunch of other things that I don’t even think about.  EVERY. STINKING. DAY.

So I said to myself “Self.  You are an idiot.  If you can do all of THOSE thing EVERY DAY, why can’t you add in something else?”

Why does it have to be so hard to find a way to exercise every day, or to be creative every day, or to write down a note about what happened that day or to take at least one photograph every single day?

It doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Pick the camera up, take a picture of something.  I’ve been keeping up with Photoshopping the pictures every day, but I’m not going to insist on that of myself as the year goes on.  Though, I won’t let myself get too far behind, or I know I will quit.

What am I going to take pictures of?  Well, the boys (all 3) for starters.  Myself, occasionally.  The dog.  I plan to pick a tree or something else in my yard to take monthly pictures of, to show the  change in the seasons.  Quilts on the bed, little stuff around the house maybe.  I have some ideas for what I’ll do if I don’t manage to pick up the camera — I might even fake some pictures (i.e. take a picture of something that hasn’t changed from one day to the next, like the piles on my desk…).  Sometimes it’ll be places or people or other random, inanimate objects (like quilts!).

I want all of this in hard copy, too, and I sort of think I know what I’ll be doing with them, but I’m still debating.

The idea of a photo a day for a year is the latest HOT thing in the scrapbooking world, and there are tons of people giving it a whirl.  Lots of ideas and scrapbooking products being shared.  Lots of photos on Flickr you could go look at.  It can be really complicated or really simple.

I’ve got quilts calling my name, so I better go heed their call.



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Back in the saddle again

One Tall Guy back to work:  check!

Two Short Guys back to school:  check!

One Mom ready to get back to normal:  check!

(What is normal, anyway??)

I was a bit worried by the ice yesterday, and some parts of the state are still icy enough that school is either delayed or closed, but not us!  Back to the grind we go!

Any minute now I’m going to step away from the computer and go accomplish something.

First, though, I’m going to share this picture that my Mom found yesterday and scanned.  She was looking for something else, but found some gems that she decided to share with me and my siblings.


I have no recollection of this, any guesses Mom as to the vintage of this one? I’d take a stab and say I’m somewhere around Will and Joe’s age (or younger?), but don’t remember what event this was.

This one is actually cute, you should see the doozies she uncovered of my siblings.  LOL

Have a wonderful day!


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OK, so we didn’t go to Grandmother’s house, but I did go away — did you miss me?

I missed all of you, and I’m back now, and Wow!  It’s 2009!  How did that happen?

When last I posted, I was lamenting the fact that the boys weren’t going to get to go skiing.  Well, turns out they did go skiing that day and had a marvelous time.  And then Suzanne tried not to have a cow because they drove home in the dark and in the snow, and took about an hour longer than they should have.

Mark’s 25 year old ski boot cracked and he said he thought about calling me and saying “Guess what got broken?”

I told him that if he HAD made that phone call with that kind of question right off the bat, I might have had to kill him.

Our little mini-vacation took us norht (yes, it was colder there, but…we were inside so it was OK).  We went to the Mall of America, shopped on the way up on Monday, spent Tuesday at the amusement park in the mall, then came home on Wednesday.  We actually had a nice time (and I scored some pretty good stuff on SALE).

Joe discovered how much he really loves roller coasters, and Will discovered that one of the roller coasters wasn’t that bad and that it was really fun to make MOM go on it and sit across from her and watch her face (and listen to her scream).  It’s kind of a weird coaster — you sit in a 4 person car that spins as it is hurtling along the track.  No big dips, no loops (I do NOT do upside down…), and so Will thought it was OK.

One of the highlights of my day was meeting up with Mary for lunch.  I had met her in person before, and when I knew we were going to make the trip, I e-mailed and asked her if she was available.  I actually thought I was going to go downtown to meet her, but then our plans ended up changing, and she was willing to take the light rail out to the mall to meet me.  It worked out nicely and we had a great time.  She MADE me buy some stuff at the bead store.  I didn’t even know there WAS a bead store.



It’s too dark in here to get very good pictures, but I think you can see how (a) adorable the penguin beads are (they stand about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch tall) and (b) how pretty the glass beads are.  I might try to take better pictures tomorrow in the light.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with them, probably just look at them for awhile.

I was going to babble about some other stuff tonight, but then I got sidetracked looking for something in my browsing history and…it’s now midnight and I really ought to be in bed so…

I’ll babble more tomorrow!


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You’ve probably figured out by now that I’ve tried to use song titles (or lyrics) the last little while for my post titles. After my earlier post, I realized that Dashing Thru the Snow would have been a better title for my tale of driving woes.

Yesterday Mark told the boys they’d go outside to play if it hit 10 degrees.  I don’t think it made it past 2 degrees.

This morning I saw MINUS 10.  Wrong direction!!!

I’ve been staying inside sewing and quilting on the longarm.  And listening to my cherubs play together, during yet another day off school.  I’m hoping they can go tomorrow:  wouldn’t them to miss out on a Christmas Party!  One nice thing about moving up to the Upper Elementary, is that they no longer exchange $2 gifts with classmates, instead they are asked to bring food to donate to the food pantry.  I’m also hoping they can go so they can deliver their teacher gifts, which got finished up last week.  I went to wrap the quilts this evening, and decided to skip trying to find boxe sor bags that might work — I made gift bags.



The fabric was 60 inches wide, I hemmed the short edges, sewed up the two long edges (and actually sewed the other ends of the ribbon into one of the seams) and Voila!  Reusable fabric gift bags.  I didn’t time myself, but I’m guessing I spent no more than 30 minutes total from looking for the fabric to writing the notes and tying it all up.  (The 30 minutes wasn’t necessarily all at one time…but…you get the drift…)

We got one of our nephews a somewhat unwieldy gift for Christmas, and I was trying to figure out how to wrap it — I think I know, now, what I’ll be doing!

In last year’s Christmas Journal, I wrote myself a note reminding myself that I did NOT need to buy wrapping paper, I have more than enough.  Maybe, I need to start making some more of these fabric bags for future gift-wrapping ventures.  Hey! Stashbusters — just think how much fabric  you could making gift bags, for gifts year-round!

In case anyone is interested, I posted about the School Letter Banners I just finished making for a customer — over on the Knots & Bolts blog.  It might be a little too late for a last-minute Christmas idea, but it’ll give you plenty of time in case you need a graduation present this spring!

And now, I think I’m going to turn everything off and head for my nice warm bed, so I can snuggle under the clean sheets with my clean dog.



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You’d better watch out

Cause Santa will be listening when you slip and fall on the snow-covered ice and he’ll hear you use all those bad words.

(I’m fine, just grouchy.  We got lots of white precipitation today.  Enough said.)

Although, with the cool mail I’ve gotten recently, I have no reason to be grouchy.  last week, I jokingly suggested that people needed to send me chocolate.  Deb said it was on the way, and I thought she was kidding.


Joke was on me — not only did I score chocolate, but I got one of the cute cupcake pincushions she had shown off last week.  (The best one of course, since it is all RED…)

I was a little skeptical of the Dove chocolate that was labeled Bananas Foster, but I was too desperate for chocolate to care.  And hey!  It was pretty yummy!

I left them at the shop, so I’ll have to report on the Raspberry Ghirardelli stuff later…

(I can report that the cupcake is awesome and is performing admirably already).  Thanks Deb!!!

Speaking of small annoyances that we have control over and don’t do anything about…OK, that was a terrible segue, as the actual conversation about it was in a previous post…but it is related to the pincushion, honestly…

Why do I put up with bent and fat pins???  Why??  Pins are cheap!  I think I’ve ranted about this before — you know, how no matter how many pins there are in the pin container, you always (Always!) grab the bent one?  And instead of throwing away (well, putting it in a container for safe disposal), you throw it back int he pin container?

So, oddly enough, I now own a fair amount of inventory, and one of the items in my inventory just happens to be containers of brand-new pins.  I treated myself to a container today, and THOSE are the pins that are now adorning my new cupcake.  Not those nasty bent ones that I had been putting up with before.

I have MORE cool mail to report on, however, the SCAN of that cool mail is stuck on the computer at the shop, and I’m at home with no way to access it.   Duh.

I’m going to go post a new quilt project to my other blog, and then I’m going to go see if I can get any sympathy from my husband for my aches and pains from this morning’s fall.  I’m not counting on much.  He’s not very sympathetic…


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10 days until Christmas


My morning was spent hand-embroidering Wrigley’s name on his stocking.

Wrigley is a dog.

My sister-in-law and niece had asked me to do this several weeks ago, but I took the stocking home and…the embroidery floss was all here at the shop.  Finally, I managed to get both items in the same place at the same time and got that marked off my mental list.

I pretty much took the weekend off from the computer, and got a ton of quilting and sewing done.  I’ll be sharing some stuff as the day/week goes  on.

I was thinking about my post about how I was going to throw away that shirt that was so irritating.  I wanted to add, just so you don’t think I’m really wasteful, that I do normally take things to Goodwill, but this shirt.  I just couldn’t see subjecting someone else to the irritation that I had suffered through.  Plus, it had some bleached spots on the front, so it wasn’t really in what I would consider donatable condition.  I didn’t figured that the people at Goodwill needed to throw out my trash.  I suspect they do enough of that already.

If you have nothing better to do, and are in need of a giggle, you could go visit my sister’s blog and watch the really short video clip of my nephew.  He’s quite a character.



I am not going to whine about the weather.

I am not going to whine about the weather.

I am not going to whine about the weather.

I am not going to whine about the weather.

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