Feeling like Goldilocks

Just once, I’d like for things to go according to plan.

Like today, for instance.  I needed to arrive at the shop early enough to finish up some packages and take them to the Post Office, before I open the doors at 10.

That included printing a couple copies of my books.  I didn’t get them printed last night because the toner cartridge I had just installed was leaving spots on the edge of the page, and I wasn’t able to fuss around with at the time.

Mind you, the toner cartridge I was replacing was leaving faint black lines on the pages, so it wasn’t like I could just throw that one back in.

My recent toner shipment had included 3 black toner cartridges, so I thought I’d just stick another new one in, get the stuff printed, and then deal with replacing the 2 bad cartridges later.


You see where this is going?

The replacement replacement had a big ole strip of NOTHING down the right side of the page.

This one leaves spots.

This one leaves stripes.

This one leaves blanks.

Thankfully (for my sanity) the FINAL new one I installed is Just Right.

I’m actually quite surprised, I’ve been using toner from this particular company for some time now, and this is only the 2nd?  3rd? (ok, 3rd, 4th, and 5th) times I’ve gotten a defective cartridge from them.  As you can imagine, I’ll be calling in a bit to see about getting replacements.  But that means I’ll have to package up the bad ones and take THOSE to the post office, and all I really want to do right now is QUILT.


Overworked and underpaid

January 26, 2009

Poor guy.  That darned dishwasher always needs to be unloaded.

I’ve told that them that if they want to stop eating, the dishes won’t get so dirty all the time.


You are not going to be surprised to learn that I did not clean, I gave into temptation and sewed.

Only, look!  I resisted the temptation to start something new and I actually finished something.

Patriotic Braid

And by finished, I mean that I finished the quilt top.

I really like the look of a braid, but this quilt was not fun to make — I’m actually surprised that I persevered.  Those braided strips were so poky.  Ugh.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy sitting and being one with my sewing machine as I sew and sew and sew and sew.  But this was tediously poky.  I’d sew and sew and sew and…not be able to tell that I’d actually DONE anything.  I like to at least see a little bit of progress.

I managed to make myself keep going until it was going to be approximately square and then I quit.  The tiny triangles (finished at 1 inch square…) and are waste triangles from another project.  There’s something like 200 of them on this quilt.  I have hundreds left.

Last night, I needed to finish piecing one half square border, attach it, plus attach the one that was already sewn to the other side — after that it was reliatively quick work to add the blue border and get the binding ready to go.  Not sure how I’ll quilt it.  I’m not sure if I’m keeping this one, or if it will be a QOV.

The beauty of the new location for the sewing room is that I don’t have to quit sewing when Mark wants to go to bed.  Yea!  Sewing into the wee hours, here I come!

Oh — now I’d better get going before I’m late to open the shop.

Later gators –


Saturday & Sunday

I set the camera on top of our TV armoire, and snapped this one.  I thought it would be interesting to take pictures throughout the year of our home and see how it changes.  We rearrange fairly often, plus there is always something going on — the table to the right of center is Lego Mindstorm Central at the moment.  And I’m noticing that the Poinsettia wallhanging never got taken back down after the holiday season.

january 24, 2009

The wall color is pretty accurate in this photo.  When we first looked at this house I thought “OMG that is YELLOW” and was sure we’d have to change it.

It has grown on me, though, and I’m glad I never could talk Mark into repainting.

january 25

The boys received a copy of the movie Wall-E for Christmas.  With the movie was a voucher for a free tree.  Mark went online, signed up, and here, finely, is our Tree.  We had to buy some potting soil and a pot last night.  Hopefully it survived it’s trip to our house, and can survive until such time that it can be transplanted to the great outdoors.

For reference, the portion fo the tree that is actually above the soil is only about 7 inches…

I think I’m all caught up now.  Well, caught up in sharing pictures, that is.

The boys should be home from basketball any moment now, and after we have our Traditional Sunday supper (popcorn, apples and cheese, that’s a well-rounded meal, right?), I might go sew for a bit.  I mean…clean up some more.

Yeah.  That’s it.  I’ll go clean some more.


Suzanne aka EDG

Easily Distracted Girl

I think that might be the new name for my blog.  “Adventures of Easily Distracted Girl.”

You should have seen me yesterday.  My one goal was to clear a spot in my sewing room, for my sewing machine.  It’s only been 8 months since we moved most of my sewing stuff out of hte master bedroom and upstairs.  It’s probably about time I was actually SEWING in that room. (instead of dragging things down to the master bedroom, where the sewing machine was still located.)

But first, I needed to put some laundry away.

Plus, I needed to help Mark with his haircut (he does most of it, I clean up the back of his neck).

Plus, he mentioned something about looking at new cars, so I had to go look up some things about the car we were talking about.

At some point, I managed to return to my room to re-discover the pile of clothing on the floor (that I was going hang up) and take care of it.

And eventually the rest of the sewing stuff that was piling up on the MBR floor got moved upstairs.

But first, I had to have Mark help me readjust the table.  When I got my Bernina (4 years ago?) I got a sewing table with it, that the machine sits down in, so that it is flush with the table-top.  Only, the shelf the Bernina sits on needed to be adjusted so that it was actually…flush…instead of sticking up about a 1/4 of an inch.

I’ve been cursing that out for 4 years, and of course it only took him about 20 minutes to fix.  Why do I let stuff slide like that????

So.  Here’s why I needed to spend time clearing a space:

january 23

Here’s a (blurry) picture looking at that room from the other direction:


I’ve just been piling and setting and stashing and pulling things out (and not putting away…).

The closet (in the top picture) has shelves on either side that you can’t see. Those are full of fabric. I still don’t know where everything’s going to go, but I did make a lot of progress today. Though, it doesn’t look like it, because the room is even more crowded now that the sewing machine table has been moved in.


Trust me. It’s better.

The hard part was the uncovering of things that I wanted to work on. This one just needs borders, that one just needs another block, this one needs to be started from scratch. I did not allow myself to be distracted, though, which was painful. Because as soon as I start working on something, I’ll just quit the organizing and go back to the mess-making.

But first, I need to do about a million other things.


Easily Distracted Girl

Computers, part deux

Shortly after I wrote my earlier post, I decided to actually attempt to do a little troubleshooting, and fired up my laptop.  Network worked just fine on it, so now I don’t know what to think.  I’ll have to try moving the laptop to the front counter to see if it is locational, and if it’s not…well, then, I guess we’ll know it’s the computer (which happens to be the new Mac, and…I guess I’m going to learn a lot more about how my Mac works!)

Photos from yesterday and today:

january 21, 2009

I cheated a tiny bit. I took a number of photos last night, I wasn’t looking through the eye-piece, just holding the camera at about my stomach, snapping pictures. The picture I took that captured the word Lost on the TV — the knitting was blurry. So, I cut the TV screen out of that one, pasted on top of the TV in this picture and VOILA!  (I worked on my sweater some last night.  Long way to go yet.)

Yes, I’m weird. And geeky. And just the slightest bit addicted to several TV shows right now. I got to choir last night at 7 and informed the choir director that I HAD to be home before 8. I didn’t tell him why, but my Mom knew. Thankfully, she didn’t give me away.

january 22, 2009

I took about 25 pictures of Katie. She basically ignored me. The lighting in here tonight is terrible, which means the camera takes longer to expose the pictures. Holding it by hand gave me very blurry pictures. I set some books down on the floor, the camera on top and got some great pictures. So there’s your photography tip for today. Actually, two tips. Get down on the same level as your subject and use something to balance your camera (it was sitting off the floor as far as Don Quixote and a Moleskine journal would lift it). Books, tables, chairs, counters all work as stand-ins for tripods.

And on that note, it’s time to stop letting the sleeping dog lie and send her out for her last trip of the day to the great outdoors.

Come on Katie, time to wake up so we can go to bed!

Actually, it’s not so much the computer as it is the network. I don’t know what the problem is exactly, but there is something going on in this building that interferes with my wireless network. Over Christmas break, when the chiropractor next door was closed, everything worked great, but now that they are back, something is interfering again.  Only, it doesn’t get better during the afternoons they are closed, so I’m still not sure it is them.  Or their equipment.

Some times it’ll work great, and the rest of the time, not so much.

In a previous life, (before children…), it was my job to figure stuff like this out.  Actually, it’s still my job, but at that time, the computer networking stuff was what I got paid for.  I do not miss those days.  I bet a lot of you didn’t even know that about me.  Or don’t know that I have a degree in computer science and used to be a Certified Novell Engineer.

Now, I’m just Certifiable.

And, I’m wishing I could call tech support and say “FIX IT.”