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WIP Wednesday, finally


It’s a quilt!  Waiting for binding!

(And after this picture, it got it’s binding….now to hand-finish)

And to make pillowcases!

And to help the recipient’s Mom cover a lampshade with the star fabric!

I’ll post close-ups of the quilting tomorrow — it was too late and dark to get good photos.  You can kind of see what I ended up doing for borders.

I’ve been thinking it’s past due time for a gratuitous puppy picture, so I had a photo-shoot with my assistant this morning.  She spent most of the time with one of those “Will you get that out of my face?” looks.





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My sister and her family headed home yesterday but got stuck in Chicago due to weather delays at their destination.  They ended up spending about 5 hours on the plane for a flight that only takes about 1.5 hours.  With a not-quite-2 year old.  Ugh.  I know how antsy and crabby *I* would have been, I can’t even imagine doing it with a toddler.  Poor kid.

I’ve got the body of my niece’s quilt put together, now I’m working on the borders.

I don’t have enough of any one orange to do an orange border, so I’d do the orange with alternating prints if I put the orange in.  I think I like the look of Option C the best, but:  In order to have the math work out right, it really needs to either be no inner border or the wider border which is why A and B have the lime green plaid stuck in.  Or I need to think of something else entirely.  I thought about using the stars in a narrow border, but I’m not sure I like the idea either.

I ended up going to a quilt shop to get some more blues in order to do the scrappy pieced blue border.


Any opinions, or ideas for something else I haven’t thought about yet?

We had our first run through of Grease last night — start to finish.  Sort of.  It was choppy as some of the kids were finding out about blocking and things for the first time.   We have about 4 weeks until dress rehearsals.  One of the directors said she wasn’t nervous yet.  Really?  Not yet?  Cause I sure am….

Have a  great Wednesday!


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WIP Wednesday

I’ve missed a couple of WIP Wednesdays, mostly because I haven’t had much in progress that was worth reporting about.

I have to admit to being more than a little….manic?  Obsessed?  Something crazy like that when it comes to new projects lately.

As evidence, may I present my niece’s quilt:


All of the 10 inch stars are done, as well as the 5 inch stars.  There are 10 inch 4 patches that are done, the 10 inch blocks that are going to be made up of stars, 5 inch 4 patches and 5 inch squares are just placed, not sewn together.  The circles are not appliquéd yet either.  This was just my first whack at throwing it all up on the design wall — I can tell that I probably need more large circles, and that stuff will need to be moved around before it’s all done.  I’m also thinking about offsetting some of the rows so that the larger stars might end up being half a block off set from each other in certain places.  That sentence doesn’t make sense, but I do know what I mean, which is all that counts right now, right?

I’m just making this up as I go along.  Actually, that’s not entirely true:  it did all come to me as a fairly fully formed idea, it’s just been a lot of math to figure out how many of each type of unit I actually wanted to make in order to have it all being interesting and balanced and so forth.

This gets the quilt to about 80 by 90.  I’m not entirely sure where I’m going after this, I’d like it to end up at about 90 by 100 or so.  I did have plans for a border of the blues, but I’ve already basically run out of the blues (well, all of you quilters know that’s not true:  I have scraps, but the scraps are all small, not the 5.5 by 10.5 rectangles I was envisioning).  When I bought the fabric for this, I didn’t really have a plan, I just bought half yards of most, plus yardage of one of the blues (for a binding) and several yards each of the star and circle prints.

So, anyway, that’s where I’m at:  I need to quit and actually get the cleaning done that I am supposed to be doing before my houseguests arrive on Friday.

Have a great Wednesday!


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If you don’t like the weather….

It’s often a joke about Iowa weather (or other places I’m told) that if you don’t like the weather, you should just wait 5 minutes.

This evening: it was literally true. We went from an absolute downpour 1 minute to a blue, blue sky the next minute.

It happened while we were eating supper — and the boys hopped up to go look and see if there was a rainbow. Sure enough:


The rainbow picture was taken from my front door facing northeast. You can still see the greyness of the rainy sky. I turned around and took a picture of the sky to the south/southwest:

I don’t have any quilt pictures (or quilt part pictures yet), but I did discover in my camera a photo of the fabric I’m using for the quilt I’m making my niece.


The star fabric at the bottom is something I had purchased for the back of a quilt — my SIL saw it and said she thought my niece might like it. Within the next few days they happened to stop by my house and the fabric happened to be sitting out where my niece could see it — and she adored it….

Her favorite color is orange, but I think that blue often vies for that top spot. Her room is blue, so I decided to go with mostly blues — and I’ve since added even more than what is pictured here.  Throw in some orange, a dash of lime green, a 2nd light/backgroundy print that I fell in love with, and voila!  I’ve got pieces and parts up on my design wall and I’m really liking how things are shaping up.  It’ll be bright and cheerful, but not little-girlish.

I hope you are all having a great week, I’ll babble at you some more tomorrow!


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Quilt sleeping weather

I was so nice and cozy in my bed this morning, I had to say something:  I love that the weather is cool enough to sleep under a quilt again.  The weight and warmth of it — yum.  We keep our house cool enough that eventually we’ll wind up with 2 quilts, and that’s even better……

That’s all for now.

Have a fabulous Friday — more later.  I’m finishing up a long overdue journal quilt…



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All football, all the time

Well, not really, but that’s what it sounded like the boys’ weekend consisted of:  football practice Thursday and Friday night, homecoming game at the high school Friday night (our team won!), game on Saturday (the boys’ team lost…), followed by a trip to Wal-Mart where they each got a new football, plus a football movie…and then they watched a game on TV Saturday night….plus lots of throwing the ball around and practicing field goals….

Before leaving for my trip, I had asked if there was anything they might like me to bring from Seattle (I’ve picked out t-shirts before that were never very popular) and the requests were a Seattle Seahawks t-shirt for one and a Seahawks hat for the other — in other words:  more football stuff.

Last night we watched the football movie they had bought —  We Are Marshall.  I really enjoyed it.  I was in tears for half of it, though.  It must have been because I was so tired.

My weekend, on the other hand, consisted of all quilting all the time.  I keep saying I went to Seattle, but that’s not technically true — I flew into Seattle, but the conference was actually in Tacoma, 20 miles south.   The sky cleared up enough that I did get to see Mt. Rainier off in the distance on Friday, but that’s pretty much all I saw.  I touched down in Seattle in the dark and then left in the dark, and didn’t get to see much more than the airport and the Interstate.

I did get to see some beautiful quilts — although most of the time I was at the show I was in a classroom or vegging in my hotel room.  Pam Clarke was selling some of the quilt tops that she has collected over the years and for some unknown reason, 2 of them decided to come home with me:

The first was a really cheerful Lone Star.  It seems to be pretty well-pieced and in lovely shape.  When I pinned it up to take a picture, I did discover some issues with the side borders, so I think I’ll be taking those off to redo them.  I’m not usually a fan of 30s fabrics, but this one is “my” colors and it just seems like such a happy piece.  With any luck this will be an entry in MQS this spring…

The second quilt top is a huge (90 by 102) appliqued quilt:

Again, it seems to be pretty well done.  I really don’t have any idea on the actual age of either of these, and that wasn’t really important to me — I just thought they were both nice looking tops, and I know I’ll never get as much needleturn applique done as I would like to, so I might as well take advantage of te work that someone else has done….

On today’s agenda:  a nap, filling some book orders, another nap, mail my journal quilt, and then maybe early to bed.  I was tired but not sleepy last night:  I’m paying for it all today, though, as I slept in until 7:45 (thankfully we made it to school on time…).  My head is achy and I can’t stop yawning, so even though I’ve only been up for an hour and a half…I think I’m going back to bed for awhile.

I hope all of you had a great weekend, too.  I’ll yak at you some more later!



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Another song for you

I always seem to have SOME song running in my head — and I’m so happy to be able to share these with you, so that I’m not the only one suffering.

For a lot of this weekend it was Frosty the Snowman.




This particular quilt top has been put together for….a long time….(i.e. YEARS).

Each fabric got a different quilted texture. Some of them are better than others: the key is that it is done. Well, done except for the binding….which happens to be cut and waiting for me to sew together and attach it. At least I know where it is!

Have a great day!


thumpety-thump-thump, look at Frosty go…..

edited to add: WordPress is apparently having trouble with photos today. They weren’t showing up a few minutes ago, and now all but one is appearing. Not sure why, or what’s wrong….hopefully the bugs will get worked out quickly….

edited later to add: I meant to look for the pattern information before posting, but then I got excited because it was FINISHED.  Plus, I wasn’t exactly sure what the pattern was called (duh, it’s actually called….Snowman Row Quilt….) and I’m pretty sure I have no idea where my copy of the pattern is at this point.

Well, I just received an e-mail from the designer, and now that I’ve been reminded of who designed it, I wanted to give credit and send you to her website, because I’ve just discovered that she has several other cute Row Quilts, plus a ton of other quilt patterns. The quilt was designed by Carolyn Beam, Colorado Quilt Designs.  Thanks, Carolyn!

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