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I went to put some lotion on my hands and realized that I was only wearing my mother’s ring. In the morning, I can’t always get my wedding ring on, so I often slip it on my pinky. I remembered picking up both rings, but had absolutely no recollection of anything regarding the rings after that.

There were almost tears, but I decided not to panic until I retraced my steps.

Apparently my wedding ring had slipped off when I was throwing clothes in the washer, as it tumbled out when I opened up the washer and started digging through the wet clothes.

With that disaster averted, I think I need a drink. Or a nap. The rest of the day should be all downhill.

I also think, looking at the photograph of my ring, that it is past due time to get it cleaned and buffed. Yikes.

I will say, that my day will be getting much brighter and more fun, as I’m expecting a fellow longarm quilter to visit me for several hours this afternoon! I even cleaned my longarm table off, brushed out the tracks and cleaned the wheels in honor of her visit.

In the meantime, though, while I wait? I think I’ll go lie down and recover from almost losing my ring.


p.s.  Lynn?  You don’t need to say “I told you so.”  I could already hearing you saying it during my search.


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