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Busy day

And only a very little bit was quilt related.  Sheesh.  And all I did was sew some fabric together for a QOV I’m working on, and work on a pillowcase to go with it.  I’m using Vicki‘s directions for making the case.  I thought that I’d drag my serger out to try to serge the seams and doggone it, I still can’t….quite…get it threaded properly.  I’m missing something with one of the looper threads.  Is that what’s it would be called? it doesn’t go through the needle, it comes up from the bottom.  anyway. moving on.

That killed more time than I care to admit, but I think I know what I was doing wrong, so I’ll go try again…maybe tomorrow, since it’s almost 10!

Part of the evening was spent entertaining my niece.  We had invited her brother over for a sleepover and she decided she wanted to come, too.  She spent a bunch of time playing with the boys, but after supper decided she did’nt really want to go back out and play anymore baseball.

I was going to show pictures of what she and I did, but then I remembered that her Mom occasionally reads this blog, and I’d better not give away the surprise.

Sorry to have been so mysterious in yesterday’s post.  I’m just not quite ready to talk about what’s going on until some more details are worked out.

Mark and the kids are playing Pirates of the Caribbean Scene-It.  I think it’s about time the whole crowd found it’s way into a bed.

At least, I think *I* need to go to bed, so I’ll yak on ya later —



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