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Today should have been…

The last day of school.

Remember this winter when I was whining about the weather all the time?  The result was 7 days tacked on to the end of the school year.  I’m not ready for the school year to be over in a little over a week, and can’t really imagine what it would be like if today had been the last day.

I’m not ready for 4th graders!  Where does the time go?  And why is it going faster all the time?

thank goodness the weather is finally nice


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spoke too soon

Just checked on the printer.  I had checked the COLLATE box, but apparently even though I *thought* I had checked the “Print on Both Sides” box, I hadn’t.

Thankfully, it was only on the 3rd copy and was waiting for me to load it back up with paper.


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Trip report, take 2


I’ve got a cold.  Which is why I Haven’t gotten back here sooner.  I spent most of yesterday making sure the recliner didn’t go anywhere.

Still feel pretty crappy, but not quite so awful, so i thought I’d do a quick update, since I know you are all dying to know what I bought at the quilt show.

Surprisingly:  very little.  I bought this stencil from Cheri’s Crystals (plus about 6 packs of Crystals…) so that I can bling one of my denim jackets:

Yes, mom, those are paisleys

I bought a roll of the new Warm Blend batting from the Warm Company.  It’s an 80/20 cotton/poly blend.  It’ll be here later this week.

Actually.  That’s all I bought at the show.

The first night we were in Overland Park, Lynn and I did a quick GOogle search to find a yarn shop, and found one that was still open and not very far away.  We both bought yarn and needles to make a felted bag.  I think I got a lot further than she did, and I’m actually almost done with the first skein of the self-striping yarn:

Mine is more subtle than Lynn's.

I had to do something yesterday while I was holding down the recliner.  The mess on the left is the I-cord that will eventually be the handle of the bag.  The striped yarn is Noro Kureyon.  Yummy.

Before I left, this arrived:

I wish I were this clever

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s from Allen Designs.  They have a new Etsy shop, and this was in it on clearance.  I just love it.

I had a lovely time at the show.  Spending time with my best friend Lynn is alway a good thing, even if she probably got tired of me by the end of it.  She was there to help me out and I wasn’t shy about putting her to work keeping me organized.  Meeting up with a bunch of friends from MQResource was one of the biggest highlights.

I’ve mentioned that my books are self-published.  When I say that I truly mean SELF — every book is lovingly (?) printed, punched and bound by yours truly.

Here’s what things looked like last Monday before I left:

Paper comes out my ears

I took a lot of books with me:  so many that my DH thought I was a bit nuts.  Especially since I had put off assembling them until the very last minute.  He wound up helping me through the last of it Monday night at 10PM.  I was thrilled and more than a little bit humbled that so many people bought copies, I didn’t have a whole lot to bring home with me.

I’d better wrap this up and get back to work on another book order.  My head is so foggy it might take me all day to get it done.  Thankfully, I remembered to click COLLATE, so that I don’t have to hand-collate a pile of books (gee, wonder if I’ve ever done that before??), but unfortunately, the dog isn’t capable of laminating covers, punching paper or inserting plastic coil, so I guess I’ll have to go do that part myself.

Simple pleasures, though:  I discovered a new source for my back cover that will PREPUNCH the covers for not a whole lot more money.  Whoopee!!



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