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I just did the dumbest thing.  I got home from supper (I took the gang to the bowling alley for supper.  And then I got talked into paying for the gang to bowl) and I sat down to check on my e-mail and finish reading today’s updated blogs.  And then, I accidentally clicked on “Mark Everything Read.”  Argh!

I just know I missed out on some good stuff, but now I have no idea who had what good stuff waiting for me to read.  That’s one of those times when you really do want the software program to ask “Are you sure, Dummy?”

I have been trying to think of something really brilliant to blog about tonight.  Can you tell that nothing is occurring to me? I did get some machine quilting done this morning, but the quilt is still in progress, so there’s nothing exciting to blog about there.  I had rehearsal this afternoon, and believe me, there is absolutely nothing brilliant going on there.

I chose not to bowl with the guys tonight — I was the official scorekeeper.  My hands and arms are tired enough as it is that I didn’t need to attempt to make a fool of myself trying to bowl.  Plus, it would be my luck to somehow injure myself, and I think the musical director might kill me if I did something like that at this late date.  (BTW:  Mark scored 150, the boys got 97 and 94, but I don’t remember who got which).

What I really want to do is go to bed — but my crew is piled in my bed watching Saturday Night Football.  So, I’m sitting here trying to think of something interesting to say (clearly it’s not working) and also playing with a demo copy of Photoshop.  I think I need want to buy it.  I’m also surfing around looking at sites about digital scrapbooking.  Have any of you seen some of this stuff?  There is some really neat digital stuff you can download to make digital scrapbook pages with.

I have often wandered around the scrapbook aisles, and have bought a few things, but I just haven’t been able to “get into” it — and haven’t really been sure I wanted to:  (a) it seems expensive (says the quilter with the longarm quilting machine and pricey sewing machine and closet full of fabric and, and, and…) (b) I’m terribly messy with glue and other sticky things.  Plus my husband has sort of forbidden me from really getting into scrapbooking.  Well, not forbidden exactly, but he did say “You aren’t going to start scrapbooking, are you?”

But this digital thing:  I might be able to get into this.  For one thing:  you can’t ruin anything by miscutting or misgluing…and for another:  there seems to be plenty of free stuff out there to use.  The digital kits you download have paper backgrounds, alphabets, ribbons, frames, and all sorts of other embellishments — buttons, ribbons, flowers — you name it, it’s probably out there somewhere.

While playing with learning about Photoshop, I attempted to create a scrapbook page of my own.  The paper and embellishments came from Sandra Jackson and the big letters came from The Shabby Princess — which has some way cool stuff.

Please, no commentary from the peanut gallery.  Yes, I have plenty to do, no I don’t really need to spend more time at the computer, but gee:  isn’t this cool?  Well, cool if you click on it to view it full size, I mean:


The pictures are from 2001 and the journaling reads:

 I remember raking up all of those leaves for you and trying to take as many pictures as I could.  You were both so cute and sweet, it is hard to believe how quickly time has just flown by since you were 2, playing with your Bob the Builder toy sand grinning those sweet toddler grins.

So there, I guess I did sort of come up with something interesting to babble talk about tonight.

And now, to find out if the game is over and I can have my bed back.  Most of you will be reading this tomorrow — if you are in the US and observe Daylight Savings Time, I hope you remember to set your clocks back!  (I almost said “celebrate DST” — but that’s not quite the right sentiment, is it? LOL)




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